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On The Grievances between Ahlus-Sunnah

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Bismillah Ar Rahmaan Ar Raheem,

All over the world there seems to be problems within our brothers from Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah. Even in this small island of Trinidad and Tobago there is much fitnah that goes beyond many barriers and these fitan have had negative effects on many of us:

1) It has stagnated learning to a point. Those who haven’t even started haven’t started as yet. Those that have started have become stagnated and those who are not stagnated are not realizing their full potential.

2) It may cause our good deeds to be taken away from us on the day of judgment . And I think all of us know the Hadeeth relating to the bankrupt one on the day of judgment. And in Fitan we should keep our lips sealed and we should keep far from it.

In any case what all these fitan boil down to is the quest and acquisition of leadership by either one or both parties. Someone who quests for leadership often displays many evil characteristics such as jealousy, and they may not have no qualms about lying and furthermore they may even speak ill of the Ulama whose flesh we know is poison.

I will give you’ll a scenario and maybe many or most in the internet community don’t know of this. Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davies was always one of the cooler brothers in the Jam’iah. When I came to the Jam’iah I wasn’t Salafi but Alhamdu lillah brothers like Bilaal was always accomodating and would often tell me to come to this or that Shaikh’s class on Kitaab Ut Tawheed by Shaikh Abdullah Al Bukhari or Sharh Us Sunnah of Barbahari by Shaikh Ubaid. And he used to translate more than 90% of the lectures that the Shuyuukh gave at the home of an American named Abdur Raheem. And the brothers up in Madinah were united. And even the brothers who now oppose SPUBS who went or are still in Madinah used to be there for the translations of Abu Hakeem.

Then the next year, when I was going in the first year of Shariah he was gone. And by Allah’s will that same year I took a leave of absence for six months which has turned into six years Allahu Musta’aan. About a year later I started to hear this and that about SPUBS and Abu Hakeem. That these brothers can’t translate that these brothers are Jaahil etc. So I wondered wait a minute, for such a long time Abu Hakeem wasn’t a Jaahil when he translated for these same brothers now he can’t translate?! So what is really going on? And then I got to know about the SPUBS/GREEN LANE issue.

And the funny thing. It had brothers opposed to spubs from this country of Trinidad. And when Abu Khadeejah and Bilaal Davies came non of them came to hear their side of it. As for me I was against them because of what some students told me about them. However, I decided to sit with them one afternoon and speak to Bilaal in particular to get his side. However, many of these brothers who were within the country didn’t even go and sit and try to hear their side.

As Allah said: “And verily many of the Khulataa transgress upon each other except for those who believe and do good deeds and few are they…” .

Hence the third evil result: Transgression upon the rights of each other. This one is Jaahil that one is Jaahil etc. Rather what is meant to be said is whomsoever is on our side is knowledgeable and whomsoever is on their side is Jaahil! No one can say Yusuf Qardawi is a Jaahil. He is a ‘Alim but an ‘Alim of misguidance.

Fourth result: Many go over their limits. They think they are the Ulama of the Dunya however they are far from it. I often wonder where modesty has gone. But yet again many of us have not made Taubah from Jaahileeyah and we bring this into Islam and worst yet the Da’wah.

For example, I often hear people saying that they are students of knowledge because they go to the University of Madinah, or have been in Yemen or have graduated. I even heard a student of the Jam’iah who was studying in his first year of Shariah at the time: Shaikh Yahya is not an ‘Aalim and I study under the Kibaar!!

Please let us not fool people and let us tell the truth. A student of knowledge is one who is known to have sought knowledge under the Ulama for years. And in the University of Madinah you study under people who have recently gotten their doctorates or their masters degrees. And only on few occasions you may get Shaikh Abdul Muhsin to teach you in class. As for studying under the Kibaar in many cases one has to memorize the whole Qur’an and have knowledge of basic Nahuw. Otherwise they tell you to return after you have done both.

We should say to the people that we are not students. We have come back to the west because we have a duty to relay what we have been informed of so the people would not keep in the darknesses of Shirk and Bid’ah and go into the light of the Sunnah. And that we take what the Kibaar Ulama have said on issues and that is it. We have to be careful of fooling others. More shocking I hear people using the word Shaikh for brothers in the west! This is indeed strange. To get that kind of authority in Ilm you must study years and a bachelors in Islamic studies is only the key to study under the Shuyuukh as Shaikh Sali Al Fawzaan said. It is not the key to give da’wah or fatwa on your own accord.

So we have to all grow up and be sincere. And stay with memorizing the book of Allah and and to understand basic Nahuw and to memorize what we can of the Sunnah and make Rihlah to the scholars of different countries. We should not be hoodwinked or bamboozled by others and we should not hookwink ourselves into thinking what we are not. Once we know our status then I think we can come to a solution. But once we think we are above what we are then we will always things that we are better than da’wah as Salafeeyah.

– Taken from Musa Millington’s Blog


Summer ’08 – Free Online Classes w/ Troid

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By Br. Moosa Richardson [SEE HERE FOR DETAILS]

Upcoming Lecture:

Sat July 26th: Explanation of the Hadeeth of Jaabir ibn Sulaym – An account of Jaabir’s first encounter with the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhe wa sallam) and the things he was taught

Allah Has Named Us Muslims…

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So Why Ascribe Ourselves to the Salaf?

This doubt was very beautifully answered by Imaam al-Albaani in his discussion with someone on this subject, recorded on the cassette entitled, “I am Salafi”, and here is a presentation of the vital parts of it:

Shaikh al-Albaani: “When it is said to you, ‘What is your madhhab’, what is your reply?”

Questioner: “A Muslim”.

Shaikh al-Albaani: “This is not sufficient!”.

Questioner: “Allaah has named us Muslims” and he recited the saying of Allaah Most High, “He is the one who has called you Muslims beforehand.” (al-Hajj 22:7 8)

Shaikh al-Albaani: “This would be a correct answer if we were in the very first times (of Islaam) before the sects had appeared and spread. But if we were to ask, now, any Muslim from any of these sects with which we differ on account of aqeedah, his answer would not be any different to this word. All of them – the Shi’ite Rafidi, the Khaariji, the Nusayri Alawi – would say, “I am a Muslim”. Hence, this is not sufficient in these days.”

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Must Read: “What I Witnessed in England”

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>>> “What I Witnessed in England” <<<

Shaykh Yahya Al-Hajooree

The Dunya is Cursed…

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The Prophet, sallalahu alaihi wa salam, said:

“The dunya is cursed. Cursed is all that is in it except for the remembrance of Allah, and that which resembles it, a scholar, and a student (of knowledge).” [Related by Tirmidhee, Ibn Maajah, and Bayhaqi. The wording is taken from Shaykh al-Albaanee’s Sahīh at-Targhīb wat-Tarhīb (1/34)]

ALI IBN ABI TALIB, radi’Allahu anhum:

“Verily, the Dunya is coming to an end and the Akhirah is coming to a beginning and they both have children. So be children of the Akhirah and don’t be children of the Dunya. For verily today there is action with no account and tomorrow there is account with no action” [Related by Ibn al-Qayyim]

HASSAN AL BASREE, radi’Allahu anhum:

“So beware of this land (the dunya) that is falling down and is misleading and deceiving, being decorated by its deceit and having eluded (others) by its delusion, and having killed its people with its hopes. It looks forward with anticipation towards the one who proposes to it for marriage. Hence it becomes like the unveiled bride – all the eyes are looking towards it, and the souls are in love with it, and the hearts are captivated by it.” [Related by Abu Nu’aym in al-Hilyah (2/135-136)]

Hijrah From a Land at War with Muslims

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Islam Questions & Answers []
Question Reference Number:: 34687

“He has become Muslim but he does not want to leave his homeland”
A man has become Muslim and he loves Islam and its people, and hates shirk and its people. But he has stayed in his country whose people hate Islam and wage war against it and fight the Muslims. It is too hard for him to leave his homeland so he has not migrated. What is the ruling on that?

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Damaaj: “From the Lighthouses of Islam”

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Shaykh Rabee’ Ibn Hadee Al-Madkhalee was asked on the 23rd of Ramadan 1424:

What is your opinion of going to study at Daarul Hadith at Damaaj, Yemen, knowing that I am a new student?

The Imam answered by saying:

“Indeed it is befitting that you journey to this strong hold from the strong holds of Islaam, to this lighthouse from the lighthouses of Islaam. shading_lightingfinal.jpgIndeed journey should be made to it and the knowledge should be sought there. He (the student of knowledge) will find – inshAllah – much good there and he will find the Sunnah and guidance and he will find there adherence to the Prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). By Allah, we encourage studying at this abode which is from the strong holds and lighthouses of the Sunnah. In it – inshAllah – are people of the Sunnah and guidance and knowledge, we ask Allah that He keeps them firm on the Sunnah and that He bring about benefit by them and that he make them from among those who carry the banner of Sunnah, in this time period in which innovations have accumulated and trials have evolved. We seek refuge in Allaah.

So all praise are due to Allaah so whoever wants good and wants guidance and whoever wants to be far away from tribulations, he must cling to the strongholds of Sunnah – all praise are due to Allaah – they are numerous in many countries and in particular this strong hold which I see in it clear distinction and all praise are due to Allaah to make it go smooth for the one who strives to it seeking the guidance from its sources and seeking an enlightenment from the Sunnah and good that is there.”

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