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Hadeeth of Alee (ra) Concerning Knowledge

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And from this understanding, is what Abu Nu’aim and others have reported from Kumail Ibn Ziyaad 31 on the authority of ‘Alee, radyAllaahu ‘anhu, that he said:

“The people are of three types: the learned scholar, the student of knowledge who is upon the path towards salvation and the uncivilized ignorant follower following every ideology, blowing in the direction of every wind. He is not guided by the light of knowledge nor is he established upon a firm pillar.”

Then he mentioned some words on the benefit of knowledge, up to the point where he said:

Here! Indeed, here is immense knowledge – and he pointed to his chest – if only I could gather those who would carry it!

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Summer ’08 – Free Online Classes w/ Troid

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By Br. Moosa Richardson [SEE HERE FOR DETAILS]

Upcoming Lecture:

Sat July 26th: Explanation of the Hadeeth of Jaabir ibn Sulaym – An account of Jaabir’s first encounter with the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhe wa sallam) and the things he was taught

Islamic Knowledge – PowerPoint Presentation

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lslamic Knowledge 1

Taken From Musa Millington

Opportunity of a Lifetime: Mecca & Medina THIS SUMMER

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Ali Ibn Abi Taalib (AIAT) Educational Seminar

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Arba’een An-Nawawi: Hadeeth #1

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Seeking Knowledge in Yemen

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– Taken From Musa Millington

I was speaking to a friend today. And he was telling me that a few brothers from Trinidad went to Yemen for a year and they had one word to describe it: HARD. They told him that it wasn’t really the living conditions that turned them off but rather it was the fact that in Yemen they study 24/7 and was a bit too rigorous for them.

I said to myself Subhan Allah. A lot of people want to go to Yemen in order to seek knowledge. But few prepare for such a journey. I am not speaking about financial preparation because anyone can save up enough money to go to Yemen. Rather, I am speaking about mental preparation. On this note, how many brothers and sisters do we find memorizing Qur’an, Hadeeth or texts or even making the effort to do so?

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Benefitting from Knowledge

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Stated the noble Imaam of ahlus-sunnah wal-jama’aah, Ibnul-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah,

“I have met many mashaayikh and the affair of one was different from the other, and their knowledge capacities were of varying levels. And the one whose company I benefited from the most was the one who used to apply what he knew, even though there were those who were more knowledgeable than him.

I met a group from the people of hadeeth who memorised and knew a lot, however they would permit backbiting under the guise of ‘jar wat-ta’deel’ (criticism and accreditation), they would take monetary payment in return for narrating hadeeth, and they would be hasty in giving answers, even if they are wrong, lest their status diminishes.

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