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How to Memorize the Qur’an (Part II)

Posted in quran with tags , on December 29, 2008 by fearthedunya

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Each time the student completes one juz’, he / she should take the next day “off” of their usual daily assignments and perfect that juz’. He / she should do so by reviewing the juz’ 3 times in the same day. (One time would be replacing the time allotted for NMA, the other replaces the allotted RMV time, and the last replaces the Review time). While reviewing, all mistakes must be marked, counted, and noted each time. The last time, the student should be sure to recite the juz’ to a teacher to make sure he / she does not have any mistakes. By the third time, the student should not have a single mistake in that juz’. If they do, they should again repeat that juz’ three times the next day.
Alternatively, if the student feels that the juz’ they completed has quite a few mistakes, he can perfect half that juz’ on the first day, by repeating it 3-5 times (i.e. however many times required to perfect it). Then, the next day, he can perfect the second half of the juz’.

After perfecting that juz’ in this way, he / she may move on to memorizing the next juz’.

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