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Winter Scarf Project 2008

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Bismillahir Rahmaanir Rahiim

One kind act may seem so small but move a heart or make such a difference to an individual. When we work collectively to put those single acts together, something much larger and greater emerges, and great change can occur.

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“The Ascension is not unknown…”

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Imaam Maalik ibn Anas [died 179 (rah)] was asked about the specific details of Allah’s Ascension. He put his head down until he began sweating and then repied with his famous statement,

“The ascension is not unknown, the details of it are not comprehensible, believing in it is obligatory, and questioning about it is an innovation!”

It was reported by al-Laalakaa’ee in ‘Sharh Usool I’tiqaad Ahlis-Sunnah wal-jamaa’ah’. Refer to the excellent book, ‘Exemplary Foundations concerning the beatuful Names and Attributes of Allah’ by Sh. Muhammed ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen. [TROID Publications]

Also, regarding those who wish to commit tahreef (distortion) in Allah’s Names and Attributes – like the saying of the Jahmiyyah that istiwaa (ascending above) is istawlaa (conquering and having dominion over); and like the saying of some of the Innovators that al-Ghadab (Anger) when refering to Allaah means ‘intending to send blessings’ (1) – Shaykhul-Islam ibn Taymiyyah (died. 728H) rahimhullah gave the most excellent response. He mentioned:

“If it is said to you: We interpret the meaning of Anger to be ‘desiring’ to punish ‘ and Mercy to be desiring to send blessings’then say: Does this desiring resemble that of the creation, or is it a desiring befitting His majesty and Greatness? So if he says the first –then he has done tashbeeh ! And if he says the second,then say: Then why do you not say, ‘Mercy and Anger befitting His Majesty and Greatness? And this put will put and end to his argument“.

(1). Added from the footnotes to at-Tanbeehaatul-Lateefah ‘alaa mahtawat ‘alayhil-‘Aqeedatil-Waasitiyah (pp.15-16)

The Names & Attributes of Allah

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Shaykh ‘Abdul ‘Aziz Bin Baz -hafidhahullaah-said: [Al-Aqeedatus-Saheehah wa Ma Yudaadahaa (pp.9-13)]

From Eemaan (faith) in Allaah is to have eemaan in those of His Asmaa’ul-Husnaa (Beautiful names) and Sifaatul-Ulyaa (Lofty Attributes) that occur in His Great Book and that have been affirmed by His trustworthy Messenger (sallallaahu `alaihi wasallam) -without tahreef (distorting the wording or the meaning), tateel (divesting or denying the Attributes), takyeef (asking how) or tamtheel (resembling Allaah to any of His creation). Rather,it is obligatory to leave them as they came, without takyeef (asking how) or tamtheel (resembling Allaah to any of His creation). Along with this, it is also obligatory to have eemaan in the meaning that Allaah-the Mighty and Majestic-has been described with, in a way which befits Him: without resembling Him to His creation in any of His attributes.

Allaah-the Most High -says:

“There is nothing like unto Him, and He is the All-Hearing,the All-seeing” (42:11)

Allaah -the Mighty and Majestic -also says:

“And do not put forward any similitudes for Allaah. Indeed,Allaah knows and you do not know” (16:74

So this is the ‘aqeedah (belief) of Ahlu-Sunah wal-Jammaaah from the Companions of the Messenger (sallallaahu `alaihi wasallam) and those who followed them in goodness. This is what has been recordeed also by Imaam Abul-Hasan al-Asharee (d.324H)(rah) in his book:”Al-Maqaalat ‘an Ashaabul-Hadeeth wa Ahlus-Sunnah”. This has also been stated by many others from the people of knowledge and eemaan.

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Pondering the meanings of the Qur’aan

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The Companions of the Prophet (SAW) recited the Qur’aan and pondered its meaning and were moved by it. ‘Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) became ill after reciting the words of Allah:

7. Verily, the Torment of your Lord will surely come to pass,

8. There is none that can avert it;

[Al-Tur (52): 7-8]

His sobs could be heard from the back of the congregation when he recited Allah’s words about Ya’qub (peace be upon him):

86. He said, “I only complain of my grief and my sorrow to Allah and I know from Allah that which you know not.”

[Yusuf (12): 86]

Even when they prostrated as required when reading Qur’aan (sajdaat al-tilaawah – prostrations required when reciting certain aayaat of the Qur’aan), they reacted in different ways. One of them was the man – may Allah have mercy on him – who when he read the aayah,

109. And they fall down on their faces weeping and it adds to their humility

[al-Isra’ (17): 109]

Prostrated as required, then he rebuked himself by saying:

This is the prostration, but where’s the weeping?


[Excerpt from Weakness of Iman: it’s signs of weakness, causes, and cures, by Shaikh Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid]

Our Brothers Remind Us of the Hereafter

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Al-Hasan al-Basri (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

Our brothers are dearer to us than our families, for our families remind us of this world, but our brothers remind us of the Hereafter.

If this absence goes on for too long, it creates alienation in the heart, which eventually changes into disdain for that faith-filled atmosphere, which in turn hardens the heart and fills it with darkness, extinguishing the light of iman.

This explains the complete change of heart on the part of some who travel to other lands on vacation or who relocate for purposes of work or study.

“Nay, when (the soul) reaches to the collar bone [i.e up to the throat to exit]”

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Superior Days for Righteous Deeds

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Verily, the praise belongs to Allah, the Most High, and may the Blessings of Allah and Peace be upon His Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions, all of them. It is narrated from Ibn Abbaas (RAA) that the Prophet (PBUH) of said: “There are no days in which righteous deeds done in them are more beloved to Allah than these days, ie the ten days (of Zul-Hijjah). They said: O Messenger of Allah, not even Jihaad in the path of Allah? He said: Not even Jihaad in the Path of Allah, the Most High, except if a man goes out (for Jihaad) with his self and his wealth, then he doesn’t return with anything from that.”
(Al-Bukhaaree, Abu Daawood and others. The exact wording is that of Abu Daawood)

It is narrated from Ibn Umar that the Prophet Muhammad (Blessings of Allah and Peace be upon him) said:

There aren’t any days greater, nor any days in which deeds done in them are more beloved to Allah, the Most High, than these ten days (of Zul-Hijjah). So, increase in them the saying of Tahleel (La Ilaaha illa Allah), and Takbeer (Allah Akbar) and Tahmeed (al-Hamdu li-llah)” [Musnad Imaam Ahmad]

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