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Yemeni President: War is Over

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Friday, March 19, 2010; 8:41 AM

DUBAI (Reuters) – Yemen’s war with northern Shi’ite rebels has ended, the country’s president said in a television interview according to a tape received by Reuters.

“We can say the war is over; not stopped or in a truce,” Ali Abdullah Saleh told Al-Arabiya in an interview to be aired on Friday.

Sanaa, struggling to stabilize the country, has come under international pressure to end the northern war and focus on fighting al Qaeda, whose Yemen-based arm claimed responsibility for a failed attack on a U.S.-bound plane in December. Continue reading


Timeline of Events in Dammaj

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Taken from

Note: This article was published Friday, 01 January 2010

As was mentioned earlier, Shaykh Yahyaa al Haajooree – may Allaah preserve him – advised his students to observe patience and that he preferred to preserve the Da’wah and the lessons being taught there rather than get involved in a battle. He clarified that their stance was that they will not betray a treaty with the Rafidah (Shee’ah), but it is they who are the oppressors and they will not stand by while being attacked.

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CD: Q&A on Living and Studying in Dammaaj

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Shaykh Aboo Amr Abdul-Kareem al-Hajooree

From the ’06 Seminar:
– The Sunnah: The Path to Paradise –

A Unique North American Seminar with the Mashaayikh of Yemen Lectures on the Correct Islaamic Methodology and Warnings against Innovation, Partisanship and Misguidance.

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