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The Most Evil of Foes on the Face of the Earth

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The Most Evil of Foes on the Face of the Earth
The Dogs of the Hell Fire[1] – 1

Number of Scholars

Reference: The Most Evil of the Slayed Beneath the Skies: P.30 By: Jamaal ibn Furayhaan Al Haarithee. Intro. by Shaykh Saalih Al Fawzaan

Courtesty of Madeenah

The Khawaarij Murder ‘Alee (رضي الله عنه)

At Tabaraanee narrated in his book ‘At Taareekh” [3/156] on the authority of Ismaa’eel ibn Raashid that he said:

“From the accounts of Ibn Muljim and his companions from the Khawaarij, is that he, Al Baraak ibn ‘Abdillaah and ‘Amru ibn Bakr At Tameemee – and they are from the heads of the Khawaarij – gathered to discuss the affairs of the people. They criticized the leaders and then mentioned the Khawaarij of Nahrawaan[2], sent blessings upon them and said:

“What are we to do after they have died, they were our brothers, those who used to call the people to worship their Lord and never used to fear the blame of the blamers in [the religion] of Allaah. We should give up our lives and approach the Imaams of misguidance and attempt to murder them in order to free the lands from them and take revenge for our brothers.”

Likewise are the secret gatherings of the Khawaarij.

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