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On The Grievances between Ahlus-Sunnah

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Bismillah Ar Rahmaan Ar Raheem,

All over the world there seems to be problems within our brothers from Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah. Even in this small island of Trinidad and Tobago there is much fitnah that goes beyond many barriers and these fitan have had negative effects on many of us:

1) It has stagnated learning to a point. Those who haven’t even started haven’t started as yet. Those that have started have become stagnated and those who are not stagnated are not realizing their full potential.

2) It may cause our good deeds to be taken away from us on the day of judgment . And I think all of us know the Hadeeth relating to the bankrupt one on the day of judgment. And in Fitan we should keep our lips sealed and we should keep far from it.

In any case what all these fitan boil down to is the quest and acquisition of leadership by either one or both parties. Someone who quests for leadership often displays many evil characteristics such as jealousy, and they may not have no qualms about lying and furthermore they may even speak ill of the Ulama whose flesh we know is poison.

I will give you’ll a scenario and maybe many or most in the internet community don’t know of this. Abu Hakeem Bilaal Davies was always one of the cooler brothers in the Jam’iah. When I came to the Jam’iah I wasn’t Salafi but Alhamdu lillah brothers like Bilaal was always accomodating and would often tell me to come to this or that Shaikh’s class on Kitaab Ut Tawheed by Shaikh Abdullah Al Bukhari or Sharh Us Sunnah of Barbahari by Shaikh Ubaid. And he used to translate more than 90% of the lectures that the Shuyuukh gave at the home of an American named Abdur Raheem. And the brothers up in Madinah were united. And even the brothers who now oppose SPUBS who went or are still in Madinah used to be there for the translations of Abu Hakeem.

Then the next year, when I was going in the first year of Shariah he was gone. And by Allah’s will that same year I took a leave of absence for six months which has turned into six years Allahu Musta’aan. About a year later I started to hear this and that about SPUBS and Abu Hakeem. That these brothers can’t translate that these brothers are Jaahil etc. So I wondered wait a minute, for such a long time Abu Hakeem wasn’t a Jaahil when he translated for these same brothers now he can’t translate?! So what is really going on? And then I got to know about the SPUBS/GREEN LANE issue.

And the funny thing. It had brothers opposed to spubs from this country of Trinidad. And when Abu Khadeejah and Bilaal Davies came non of them came to hear their side of it. As for me I was against them because of what some students told me about them. However, I decided to sit with them one afternoon and speak to Bilaal in particular to get his side. However, many of these brothers who were within the country didn’t even go and sit and try to hear their side.

As Allah said: “And verily many of the Khulataa transgress upon each other except for those who believe and do good deeds and few are they…” .

Hence the third evil result: Transgression upon the rights of each other. This one is Jaahil that one is Jaahil etc. Rather what is meant to be said is whomsoever is on our side is knowledgeable and whomsoever is on their side is Jaahil! No one can say Yusuf Qardawi is a Jaahil. He is a ‘Alim but an ‘Alim of misguidance.

Fourth result: Many go over their limits. They think they are the Ulama of the Dunya however they are far from it. I often wonder where modesty has gone. But yet again many of us have not made Taubah from Jaahileeyah and we bring this into Islam and worst yet the Da’wah.

For example, I often hear people saying that they are students of knowledge because they go to the University of Madinah, or have been in Yemen or have graduated. I even heard a student of the Jam’iah who was studying in his first year of Shariah at the time: Shaikh Yahya is not an ‘Aalim and I study under the Kibaar!!

Please let us not fool people and let us tell the truth. A student of knowledge is one who is known to have sought knowledge under the Ulama for years. And in the University of Madinah you study under people who have recently gotten their doctorates or their masters degrees. And only on few occasions you may get Shaikh Abdul Muhsin to teach you in class. As for studying under the Kibaar in many cases one has to memorize the whole Qur’an and have knowledge of basic Nahuw. Otherwise they tell you to return after you have done both.

We should say to the people that we are not students. We have come back to the west because we have a duty to relay what we have been informed of so the people would not keep in the darknesses of Shirk and Bid’ah and go into the light of the Sunnah. And that we take what the Kibaar Ulama have said on issues and that is it. We have to be careful of fooling others. More shocking I hear people using the word Shaikh for brothers in the west! This is indeed strange. To get that kind of authority in Ilm you must study years and a bachelors in Islamic studies is only the key to study under the Shuyuukh as Shaikh Sali Al Fawzaan said. It is not the key to give da’wah or fatwa on your own accord.

So we have to all grow up and be sincere. And stay with memorizing the book of Allah and and to understand basic Nahuw and to memorize what we can of the Sunnah and make Rihlah to the scholars of different countries. We should not be hoodwinked or bamboozled by others and we should not hookwink ourselves into thinking what we are not. Once we know our status then I think we can come to a solution. But once we think we are above what we are then we will always things that we are better than da’wah as Salafeeyah.

– Taken from Musa Millington’s Blog


The Etiquette of the Woman Leaving the Home

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Excerpted from Umm Abdillah’s book “My Advice to the Women”

  1. The proper hijab
  2. Her refraining from applying perfume
  3. The moderation of her pace such that the sounds of her shoes are not heard [Surah Nur 24:31]
  4. If she is walking with a female companion in the presence of men, then she should not talk to ther companion. This does not mean that the voice of the woman is from her private part (‘Awrah) which cannot be revealed; but rather the mean’s hearing of the woman’s voice could lead to temptation.
  5. That she seeks the permission of her husband (before leaving) if she is married
  6. If the distance she intends to go is considered traveling, then she should not leave except with a lawful-relative (mahram)
  7. That she does not mix with men
  8. That she observes modesty
  9. That she lowers her gaze
  10. That she does not remove her garments in other than her own home if she intended by this uncovering herself. For indeed it has come to us that the Prophet, salla’Allahu alaihi wa salam said:

“Any woman who removes her clothing in other than the home of her husband has indeed removed the covering which had been between her and her Lord.” [Saheeh]

My Advice to the Women – Umm ‘Abdillaah

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 Naseehati lil Nisaa [Part 1 2 3 4 5 ]



She Abandoned Her Righteous Friends…

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See Original IslamQA Fatwa HERE



I have a problem and I cannot make a decision regarding it. But this decision has to be taken within few days. I have friends who I think are good. I am 22 years old, four years ago I knew them in university, we co-operate in that which is good. We encouraged each other and memorized 15 Juz’ of the glorious Qur’an. We made a wonderful magazine about the prophet, peace be upon him. They supported me against a big problem I faced in which the whole environment at university was against me. We have a daily circle in which we study about the book of Allah.

The problem is that I cannot tolerate them anymore; I feel I am masked in front of them, and have another face behind their backs. Some silly situations happened made me stop calling them or meeting them. I apologized to them and made our contact only via mail, using few simple sentences, such as how are you, fine, and that is all.  As for memorizing and all other projects with them, I stopped them all. I really hated all of them; I did not complete my memorization till now.

I feel very weak in terms of worshipping, no fasting, no praying at night, I do not know if it is devil or what, they want me to decide what exactly I want to do, I decided to live alone, isolated from the whole world, I became hateful and envious, my heart is so black, blacker even than a dark night. I feel that having friendship with them has an aspect of being attached to life, superficiality and other women issues.

What shall I do? Even the reminder message from them, specially these messages I delete before I read!

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Allah Burdens Not A Person Beyond His Scope

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MEANT TO DO = Worship Allah

And I (Allâh) created not the jinns and humans except they should worship Me (Alone). (Adh-Dhariyat 51:56)

NOTE: Insert trials in the place of odds, and it works a lot better. As we know, all qadr is in the Hands of Allah, ‘Azza Wa Jal

Seeking Knowledge in Yemen

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– Taken From Musa Millington

I was speaking to a friend today. And he was telling me that a few brothers from Trinidad went to Yemen for a year and they had one word to describe it: HARD. They told him that it wasn’t really the living conditions that turned them off but rather it was the fact that in Yemen they study 24/7 and was a bit too rigorous for them.

I said to myself Subhan Allah. A lot of people want to go to Yemen in order to seek knowledge. But few prepare for such a journey. I am not speaking about financial preparation because anyone can save up enough money to go to Yemen. Rather, I am speaking about mental preparation. On this note, how many brothers and sisters do we find memorizing Qur’an, Hadeeth or texts or even making the effort to do so?

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What you must know before you go…

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travel-plane.jpgImportant advice for those who may undertake the role of the student of knowledge – those who want to leave behind their homeland, perhaps family, jobs, homes, college studies, or important positions in their communities

In the Name of Allaah, the Most-Merciful, may His Salaah and Salaam be upon His final Messenger Muhammad, to proceed:

Verily from the most rewarding ventures a person can undertake is to pursue knowledge of Allaah’s Deen. The ones who are favored with understanding of the Religion, not only does Allaah want good for them, as the Prophet of Allaah (sallallaahu ‘alayhe wa sallam) said:“If Allaah wants good for someone, He gives him understanding in the Religion.” [Bukhari (71)and Muslim (1037)]

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