Winter Scarf Project 2008

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Rahiim

One kind act may seem so small but move a heart or make such a difference to an individual. When we work collectively to put those single acts together, something much larger and greater emerges, and great change can occur.

Goal of Project: Provision of winter scarves to the homeless in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, as part of Masjid At-Tawheed’s “Project Downtown”. Excess scarves will be made available to the local needy Muslim families as well, through the masjid, so we hope to have A LOT of scarves available to meet the needs, inshaAllah.

Donations of cash, in any amount, for the scarves available at the masjid will be put in the new masjid building fund, inshaAllah.

Details of Project: Knit or crochet winter scarves. Be creative and colorful, but tasteful. Remember that these scarves will be going to men, women, boys and girls, so we need to have “masculine” designs and “pretty” designs, inshaAllah. 🙂 Put love and du’as into your stitches!

If you cannot knit or crochet, but would like to purchase winter scarves to donate for this project, you may do so. Used winter scarves in EXCELLENT CONDITION (please make sure they are also laundered before sending) may also be sent.

“Excellent Condition” means: Would you wear this yourself? Would you give it as a gift to your mother or father or other loved one? If not, please do not give it to a stranger either!

Local Participation: Any local sisters who would like to be part of this project, as announced at the Women’s Eid Party, please participate – this serves your own community! 🙂

At the suggestion of sister Lamia, we will be gathering together on Friday nights at the masjid to work together on the creation of scarves. For sisters who do not know how to knit or crochet but would like to learn, other sisters have volunteered to teach.

Please join us for an opportunity to socialize while doing good deeds and multiplying our actions by making it a group effort.

Participants Allowed: International. Any brothers, who would like to participate by making or purchasing scarves, or donating funds, please feel free to help us!

Non-Muslims are also welcome to contribute to this!

Ages Allowed: All ages.

Cost Limit: None

Rules: Please email me* at to let me know if you plan to participate so that I can send you a mailing address to send your scarves to. Please provide the following information in your email:

Name of Project: Winter Scarf Project 2008
Blog name & URL: (if applies)
Email address:
Phone number (only if local):
Your name (as it will appear on the package you mail to me):
How many scarves do you hope to make:
What country do you reside in:
How did you hear about this project:
Suggestions for future projects:
Comments or Questions:

Also, email me when you have sent your package out so that I know to expect it. I will confirm receipt with you, inshaAllah.

* Local sisters may contact me by phone or see me in the masjid if you prefer, inshaAllah.

Sign-Up Due Date: October 18

Project Start Date: Immediately! Winter is coming fast, and it is already getting cold! This project MUST be completed by November 22, inshaAllah.

Package Has to be Sent Out By

Other Ways You Can Help
: If you would like to donate money to pay for yarn for the scarves my local community will be making, or for me to purchase pre-made scarves on your behalf to be included in the project, please email me or see the link on my blog to donate through PayPal.

Please make a note in the comment box on your PayPal payment to specify that your donation is for the “Winter Scarf Project”.

Please Help Promote This Project: You can post a link on your blog, website, FaceBook, MySpace or other medium. You are also welcome to copy and paste this into an email and send it out to others you think may be interested.


Who is responsible and how do I know these scarves will get where you say? I am personally responsible for this project, but am working in conjunction with a local group of Muslims who are actively involved with Project Downtown, and others who want to contribute to this effort.

What will be done with monetary donations, and what if you get more money than actual scarves? Any funds will, inshaAllah, be used to purchase pre-made winter scarves or yarn for the local sisters who are contributing hand-made scarves. There will be no overage of funds, as every last bit will be used to purchase what is needed. Should there be a dollar or two at the very end, it will be donated to local new masjid building fund, inshaAllah.

Will there be any accounting or follow-up? Yes. I will be counting every scarf donated and will post totals at the end of the project, inshaAllah. I will also post how much money was donated and exactly how it was spent on your behalf. When the scarves are given out, I will personally be in attendance with the other brothers and sisters who run Project Downtown year-round. InshaAllah there will also be a blog post dedicated to sharing the experience, and pictures if any can be taken.

Contact Info:

Aaminah Hernández


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