The Etiquette of the Woman Leaving the Home

Excerpted from Umm Abdillah’s book “My Advice to the Women”

  1. The proper hijab
  2. Her refraining from applying perfume
  3. The moderation of her pace such that the sounds of her shoes are not heard [Surah Nur 24:31]
  4. If she is walking with a female companion in the presence of men, then she should not talk to ther companion. This does not mean that the voice of the woman is from her private part (‘Awrah) which cannot be revealed; but rather the mean’s hearing of the woman’s voice could lead to temptation.
  5. That she seeks the permission of her husband (before leaving) if she is married
  6. If the distance she intends to go is considered traveling, then she should not leave except with a lawful-relative (mahram)
  7. That she does not mix with men
  8. That she observes modesty
  9. That she lowers her gaze
  10. That she does not remove her garments in other than her own home if she intended by this uncovering herself. For indeed it has come to us that the Prophet, salla’Allahu alaihi wa salam said:

“Any woman who removes her clothing in other than the home of her husband has indeed removed the covering which had been between her and her Lord.” [Saheeh]


One Response to “The Etiquette of the Woman Leaving the Home”

  1. Asalaamu alaykum! Jazakilahu khayran 4 da post!

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