PHOTOS: Housing in Damaaj/Sa’dah

Photos of Damaaj and the Sa’dah province (in which Damaaj is located), with interspersed commentary from Talibideen Jr’s Account of Living in Damaaj, previously posted HERE

“…Damaaj is nestled in the mountains and as you reach the last set of mountains coming in, it is a beautiful view as you look down on Damaaj. Spots of green trees sprinkled here and there.”

Clay House in Sa’dah Province

“The house was better than I had expected for mud. Ours was painted on the outside and had a little decoration. Some houses are just kind of plain and look like what you see in National Geographic.”

Homes Around Masjid in Dammaaj

“The houses are mostly made of mud bricks while some choose to build with cynder block. The houses have running water and some areas have electricity for a couple of hours at night time.”

Village in Sa’dah

“The main thing that I didn’t like about our particular house was that there was a courtyard in the middle of the house. It was nice in that at night, you could gaze up at the stars and it looked like you were at a planetarium. We had them put a screening over it because they were just going to leave it exposed. (to creatures and whatever else).”

Homes in Sa’dah

“So what was bad? Well when it rained in the courtyard, it was raining in the house. The floors were concrete so there was no damage, but to get from my room to the kitchen, I had to go “outside”…Some people have plastic tarpaulin type roofs. Ours was more like a “regular” roof, but we still had some problems with it.”

More Sa’dah Architecture

“A couple of times it rained and the roof sprung a leak and down came mud and water. The kitchen was hit pretty hard one time, but the owner came from next door and repaired it masha Allah.”




  • Buying a (very spacious) House: $4,000 and $10,000.
  • One Year’s Rent: $400- $600


  • Renting apartments can cost between $15-$30 per month.
  • The single brothers pay $15 for a share of a modest apartment
  • Married students get a little more space/privacy for $30.


  • Building your own house on cheaper land (on the mountain, or on top of another house.


  • The houses are mostly made of mud bricks while some choose to build with cynder block. The houses have running water and some areas have electricity for a couple of hours at night time.


  • The cost of living here is cheap. A small family can easily get by on $100 a month.

3 Responses to “PHOTOS: Housing in Damaaj/Sa’dah”

  1. Idris Abdul Wasi Ali Says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum please if you can help me with any information you have because i need to be in YEMEN and take from the MASHAYK… Please i live in the U.S. as of now but iam trying to save as much money as i can to leave…. Do you you anything about Shayk Al-Wasaabee camp in YEMEN??? BARKALLAHUFEEK….

  2. Abu Maryam Says:

    Asalaamu Alaikum

    can someone please give me some information on bringing a family to Damaaj.


  3. QawlanSaqeela ! Says:

    asalamu alaykum warahmatuallahi wabarakatu

    jazakuallah kair for this beautiful insight into Dammaj, ma sha Allah very beautiful & I to would like to find more information as to how to settle and enroll into the classes.

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