Seeking Knowledge in Yemen

– Taken From Musa Millington

I was speaking to a friend today. And he was telling me that a few brothers from Trinidad went to Yemen for a year and they had one word to describe it: HARD. They told him that it wasn’t really the living conditions that turned them off but rather it was the fact that in Yemen they study 24/7 and was a bit too rigorous for them.

I said to myself Subhan Allah. A lot of people want to go to Yemen in order to seek knowledge. But few prepare for such a journey. I am not speaking about financial preparation because anyone can save up enough money to go to Yemen. Rather, I am speaking about mental preparation. On this note, how many brothers and sisters do we find memorizing Qur’an, Hadeeth or texts or even making the effort to do so?

Honestly, after hearing that I even fear for myself. Then again one of the Companions of the Messenger said: “Say to the student of knowledge to put on shoes of steel…”. Over there one has to memorize books. A student who was there told me that a weak student memorizes at least 25 Hadeeth per week!!

You don’t write an exam and get a certificate like other institutions. The scholars there actually test you on what you have memorized from Ahadeeth and other texts and assess you upon that. If you look in the book of Tabaqaat by Shaikh Yahya Al Haajuri you would see: So and so memorized the Qur’an, Saheeh Al Bukhari, Saheeh Al Muslim etc.

Then at the end of the day you get no certificate at all but what you would have are the Ahadeeth and action upon it inshallah ta’ala. And I guess this is why at the end of the day I don’t really care to return to an institute per say because I desire not any certificate. I have seen how a piece of paper has fooled many into thinking that those who hold them are people of knowledge when it is opposite. And Allah’s help is sought.

Therefore, is anyone ready to go to Yemen?


9 Responses to “Seeking Knowledge in Yemen”

  1. im ready

  2. fearthedunya Says:

    Masha’Allah. May Allah give us all the Istiqaamah upon His Path, insha’Allah.

    Just a reminder: you can never go wrong with Du’a & Istikharah.

    In the authority of Jaabir Ibn ‘Abdullah he said: The Prophet (S) would instruct us to pray for guidance in all of our concerns, just as he would teach us a chapter from the Qur’an.

    He (S) would say �if any of you intends to undertake a matter then let him pray two supererogatory units (two rak’ah naafilah) of prayer and after which he should supplicate:


    O Allaah, I seek Your counsel by Your knowledge and by Your power I seek strength and I ask You from Your immense favour, for verily You are able while I am not and verily You know while I do not and You are the Knower of the unseen. O Allaah, if You know this affair -and here he mentions his need- to be good for me in relation to my religion, my life, and end, then decree and facilitate it for me, and bless me with it, and if You know this affair to be ill for me towards my religion, my life, and end, then remove it from me and remove me from it , and decree for me what is good wherever it be and make me satisfied with such

    One who seeks guidance from his Creator and consults his fellow believers and then remains firm in his resolve does not regret for Allaah has said:


    “…and consult them in the affair. Then when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allaah”

  3. mahamud Says:

    insha allah, i want to go, im here in egypt for a year and insha allah by ramadan i should have memorised the quran, alhamdulilah i learned in generally the life of student of knowledge is, so i hope this experience makes me stronger

    • maa shaa Allah, very good akhi. I have heard that the egyptians are renowned amongst the lands for their arabic and the Quran

  4. salamaualaikum,
    can you give me information about recieving money over there?

  5. Asalamu aleikum , i will frankly like to thank the brother that posted the article on Knowledge in Yemen, i am planning for the Trip to Yemen real soon, May Allah make it Easy for me, i heard from a few brothers that its hectic over there, but after all what do you expect! if you are a student of ilm, May Allah make it easy for the brothers that are striving to gain knowledge, i cant wait to go there and distance myself from the dunya stuff here,im thirsty for knowledge, i need it to strengthen my imaan too, i wish you all the best in your trips to Yemen, i sulely love it there, May allah Deliver me in piece and grant me Ilman-naafi’an.. Ameen

  6. UMM AHMAD Says:

    we must always ask Allah to purify our intentions for hijrah. It is should be more of the pull factors like being able to learn the language of the Quran, being in an islamic tradition rather than the push factors like not being able to setttle in one’s own country coz of high living cost. I myself want to take the big step of settling in sana’a but the fear of being in a nation where most of them are addicted to qat eventhough it is haram unsettles me. They could so easily chew qat, and not work and at the same time talk about the need to make their wives slaves…….

  7. Want knowledge Says:


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