Exclusive Al-Imaam Saud University PHOTOS

>>>The Official Imam Saud University website<<<





More Information about the University!


5 Responses to “Exclusive Al-Imaam Saud University PHOTOS”

  1. this make me very happy to see this ALLAH is GREATEST . I want to think you for sharing this with me.

  2. Asslamualaykum wa rahmatullahe wa barakatuhu,

    Can you help me to get in admission for higher eduactaion, as i am pakistani and having master in islamic studies from pakistan, aged 50 years

  3. Aboo Redundant Says:

    MashaAllaah the campus is quite beautiful.

  4. fearthedunya Says:

    Brother Muhammad,

    May Allah reward you for your desire to seek knowledge of the deen, insha’Allah.

    As for the University, we have no official affiliation (other than the fact that we all profess tawheed, insha’Allah).

    Keep striving. And make use of heavy du’a, the weapon of the believer.



  5. Masha`ALLAH what a nice university!

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