More Details on Dammaaj (Daar-ul-Hadeeth)

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4 Responses to “More Details on Dammaaj (Daar-ul-Hadeeth)”

  1. As salaamu alaykum,

    I think that I accidentally deleted your comment about using my personal insights on Damaaj from my blog (TJ Yemen), I can’t find it now! At any rate, na’am, insha Allah you may feel free to republish it on your blog ( I think that’s what you asked) , I just ask that you link back to my blog as the source. Shukran.

  2. as-salaamu’alaikum wa’rahmatullaah,
    I pray to Allaah ta’ala that this message finds you in the best of health and emaan!
    Would you recommend a brother who does not currently have a good command of the arabic language to go somewhere else first to establish such or come straight to Dammaaj?
    Jazaakumullaahu khayra katheera
    was-salaamu’alaikum wa’rahmatullaaah
    Isa Graham

  3. as-salaamu’alaikum,
    I am really wanting more information on Dammaaj and jazaakumullaahu khayran this site has been more then excellent. I cannot always access this site so can I establish email contact with some of the brothers there?
    My email is –
    May Allaah bless and reward all the efforts of those striving for the way of the Salaf!
    Isa Graham (Australia)

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