Brief Description of Dammaaj, Yemen


As-Salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah wa barakaatuh.


Dammaaj is the birthplace of the Reviver of the Sunnah, the Great Scholar Muqbil ibn Haadee Al-Waadi’ee. The Sheikh set up an institute of knowledge that by Allaah’s will has changed the face of Yemen. Before the da’wah of the Sheikh Yemen was plagued by tashayyu’ in the north and tasawwuf in the south and hizbiyyah.

Now by Allaah’s grace the da’wah of Ahlus-Sunnah can be found in all parts in Yemen, stronger in some areas than others. The institute in Dammaaj started as a small masjid made of mud then as the students numbers grew a bigger masjid was built adjacent to the Sheikh’s house then later a bigger masjid was built which is today the library then an even bigger masjid was built and now that masjid has just been expanded. The latest masjid is very big and is active day and night with classes and students memorizing Qur’aan and hadeeth and at night time some of the single students sleep in the masjid.

Other single students choose to sleep in the basement of the masjid while others choose to buy rooms in a section for the single brothers. The rooms are made of mud bricks and most of them have small bathrooms. There are also bathrooms adjacent to the masjid and presently even more are being built. The single brothers are given three meals a day usually beans and bread in the morning and evening and rice for lunch. There are also small restaurants where some choose to buy meals while some single brothers choose to cook there own meals in their rooms.


On top of the masjid is a musallaa for the women where Umm Abdillaah Aishah bint Ash-Sheikh Muqbil gives her classes for the women. Other women such as Umm Salamah the wife of Ash-Sheikh Muqbil and Umm Shu’aib the former wife of Ash-Sheikh Muqbil and presently one of Ash-Sheikh Yahyaa’s wives and other women also have classes for the women. Some of the women also listen to the classes of Ash-Sheikh Yayhaa by way of the speaker system. The women also have a large library next to their musallaa on top of the masjid where they can do research. Ash-Sheikh Yahyaa gives three general classes each day in the masjid for all students to attend; only those who are sick or are on security for the day or have asked permission from the Sheikh are excused from attending.

This is so the Sheikh can know the status of his students, how they are progressing and for other reasons. The first class of the Sheikh is after the Dhuhr prayer when he teaches Tafseer Ibn Katheer one day and Al-Jaami’ As-Saheeh by Ash-Sheikh Muqbil the next day. The next class is after the Asr prayer when he teaches Saheeh Al-Bukhaaree.

The students are expected to memorize the hadeeth read in the class of Al-Bukhaaree and
the class of Al-Jaami’ As-Saheeh unless the hadeeth is long then those who don’t memorize are not blamed. The third class is after the Maghrib prayer. This is the longest class. The Sheikh in these days starts the class with a brief explanation of Al-Aqeedah As-Siffaareenee then reads from Saheeh Muslim then reads from As-Sunan As-Sughraa by Al-Baihaqee then gives a brief explanation of matn al-waraqaat in usool al fiqh.

Those are the daily classes given by Ash-Sheikh Yayhaa, may Allaah protect him and aide him. Then there are classes announced in specific subjects in specific books. The class and it’s time and place and teacher are announced over the loud speaker and are written on a board for the students to know. Classes are opened in all sciences and go all year round only stopping for Ramadaan when most people focus on reviewing Qur’aan while some students go on Umr’ah and others go back to their home villages and cities to give da’wah.

Also it should be noted that Ash-Sheikh Abdur-Rahmaan Al-Adanee is presently giving a class in Aayaatul-Ahkaam (the verses that have legal rulings) and Umdatul-Ahkaam Al-Kubraa one day for each class after Asr after the class in Saheeh Al-Bukhaaree. Ash-Sheikh Abdur-Rahmaan also gives the women a class every thursday in the women’s musallaa in the housing section called the mazra’ah by way of loud speaker from a mic in a room adjacent to the women’s musallaa.

The women are also able to write down questions for the Sheikh in this class. There are also many English and French speaking students who teach Arabic to those who don’t know Arabic. Inshaallaah I plan on opening a class for the brothers after Ramadaan in one of the madeenah books and plan to continue with the brothers until we reach Ibn Aqeel, may Allaah help us. There are also women who teach the sisters that don’t know Arabic.


As for the housing situation for families, that differs depending on what you are looking for. Presently houses going for between $5,000 and $10,000.

Those who are poorer usually build there own houses on land that is cheaper on the mountain or even build on top of someone else’s house. Some people are given houses for free when one opens up on Ash-Sheikh Muqbil’s land which he made waqf for the students of knowledge. I know of two families from the west that have been given houses for free.

The houses are mostly made of mud bricks while some choose to build with cynder block. The houses have running water and some areas have electricity for a couple of hours at night time.

The cost of living here is cheap. A small family can easily get by on $100 a month. The cost of living varies depending on your lifestyle. The student of knowledge should spend his money wisely so he will be able to focus more on studying. Dammaaj is not the cleanest place in the world.


Many westerners when they first arrive complain of the trash scattered around and the smell of a sewage system that has been blocked up and things like this. They also complain about the character of some of the Yemenee students who are new to seeking knowledge. I advise the brothers and sisters that they read the history of our Prophet, may the peace and praise of Allaah be upon him, and the history of our Salaf As-Saalih. And I remind them that this dunyaa is not everlasting. We are all on a journey to our Lord and we will leave behind these belongings we have in this life. Our Prophet, may the peace and praise of Allaah be upon him has said: Be in this life as if you are a stranger or a traveler.

And Ibn Umar said: Take (advantage) from your health for the time you are sick and from your life for your death. And it has been authentically reported on Umar that he said: Live hard for verily the ease will not continue. It seems many Muslims from the west are more concerned about things of the dunyaa than that which will benefit them in the hereafter. Look how people recommend Muslims to travel to a land because of the lifestyle there then they make a note that they have only seen one woman who wears the hijaab, subhaanallaah.

May Allaah increase us in beneficial knowledge.

Was-Salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah wa barakaatuh.

Abdullah MacPhee / Dammaaj – Yemen

*UPDATE* [4/1/08]


  • Renting apartments can cost between $15-$30 per month. The single brothers pay $15 for a share of a modest apartment, whereas married students get a little more space/privacy for $30.
  • Most of the structures are mud houses. You can rent an entire house for a year with $400-$600.
  • Read HERE for more info on living in Damaaj


  • “And whosoever fears Allâh and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty). (At-Talaq 65:2)”
  • We have heard/read in several places the Shaykh Yahya Hajoree, who runs Dar-ul-Hadeeth in Damaaj discourages single sisters from entering. For this reasons, some single sisters opt to arrange for a mahram to come study with them, or to marry someone with the same intention.
  • Also, some sisters choose to study in a different area of Yemen, like Sanaa’ (Markaz Medina) where they can study in the meantime.
  • See HERE for information on the female students of knowledge in Damaaj

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  2. Assalamu Aieliekum Wa Rakthmatulahi Wa Barkatahu,

    Dear brothers, and whomever may come across this comment – please make sincere dua’a to Allah for your Salafi brother in the west, currently in the United States (California). I, too, am asking my Lord, but subhan’allah – please ask the Lord of the Worlds to give me the means to leave Dar al Kufr. I am sick of this lifestyle, sick of the evils here, and sick of the kufur of these people.

    I want to make hijrah, fisabillah, and Dammaj is on my mind!!! This or medina…..

    My fitnah is that my mother wants me to go elsewhere ( to countries where Ahlul Sunnah isn’t that strong, rather Tableeghi and Soofiyah), and stay in this country to make money, and what not…but I can’t stand seeing myself for more then months!

    My name is Jaffar Al Afghany…..

    May Allah forgive us of our sins. Ameen.

    Assalamu Aieliekum

  3. Abdel-Mannan Says:

    Asalaaku alaekum wa rahmathulahi wa barakthu
    Ya akhee Abdullah MacPhee,

    Jazak ALLAHu khairun for that beautiful peice on Dammaj. May ALLAH increase you in knowlegde that beneifts and save you from the nar, ameen.
    Ya akhee, i just have a question, for the single brothers who do not have enough money to build a house or want a place to stay and study on their own, how much is it to rent or buy an apartment, if there is such a s thing over there? And if not, how much is it to share an apartment or house with another single brother?

    Insha’ALLAH i made intention to leave for ALLAH’s sake and my own safeguard from the land of the kufr this summer (’08). i just had a couple of questions before i left,
    Barak ALLAHu fe kum akhee Abdullah

    i pray ALLAH lets me meet you there and i get to benefit from you,
    your brother in Islam in CHICAGO,
    Abu Yusuf (insha’ALLAH) ABDEL MANNAN



  5. salafisiater Says:

    Marshallah inshallah we all are looking to make Hijra there and may Allah make it easy for us inshallah, make a lot of dua to Allah swt for everyone who is struggling to leave the kufr lands, and may Allah reward us for our intentions,
    One question: is there any place for sisters only? is just some sisters are finding it hard to get their mahrams to stay with them, they can only take them there.
    inshallah plz get back to me on that jazzakallah khaiyrun

  6. i would be retired soon i have a son who is a muslim i would like to retied soon where i can learn islam

  7. bintAbdurRahman Says:

    Asalaamu alaikum. I also wanted to know if there are places for sisters only.

    JazakAllahu khairan for the info. May Allah help us to make hijrah safely and soon ameen.

  8. salafiyyah Says:

    Asalaamu alaikum. I wanted to know if there is a place for only sisters to stay. E.g. her mahram lives with other men. Jazak’Allahu Khairan for the info.

  9. fearthedunya Says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

    We’ve added an update to the article that should answer your questions, insha’Allah. [specifically on housing and single sisters in damaaj]

    We encourage you to continue seeking knowledge and information with which to equip yourselves on this journey undertaken for the sake of Allah.

    The Hijra.Net forums are a good place to seek more information on damaaj, masa’Allah.

    Let us continue to make sincere dua’, particularly at the times when we know dua is accepted (maqbool)

    May Allah make us amongst the Ghurabaa and grant us the highest station of Jannah without account, insha’Allah.

  10. Abdussalaam Says:

    Assalaamu alaykum

    Can u please tell me how the conflict that happened on the 29th of March affected Dammaj?

    Jazakallah khairan for the info

  11. fearthedunya Says:

    As for Salafiyyah’s question, about sisters with mahram, living separately, insha’Allah, we will inquire about this soon and update this post.

  12. Salam aleikom dear brother!
    I am a young brother and I live in sweden. I want to firstly buy a “nice” house for my sick mother and here younger children now in summer 08. I want some god advice and that u say me how much a house with 4 room and kitchen 2 toilets coast. I dont need luxery only where my mother, sisters and brothers can get knowledge and get know Allah.

    InshAllah Damaaj is my final homeland before Akhirah.

    “Your brother in Islam”

  13. oum marwaan Says:

    salaam moualaikum, bro/sis
    may Allah guide us all and helps us to leave and not return to the kafirlands.
    i also want informations or conections about damaaj i want to know about living there with a family with children can they also go to learn at the majid or are there primary and secundary schools for them. what about urning a living, how do man support there familys? whats the ruling about that.
    yazakkallahoe khairan

  14. Su'aad As-Somaaleeyah Says:

    Asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatulahi wa’barakatuh. Inshallah I really want to go dammaaj as it is soo simple and beautiful and is exactly my taste! However, I have not finsished college yet and when I do soon inshallah, I want to make hijrah with my brother. I wanted to know if there were schools there I can teach english inshaAllah or anywhere I can work as a sister.

    Jazak’Allahu khairan

  15. FARHANA Says:

    can you send me information how I can build a house there? -and about how much it would cost to build a large house/ with electricity/ running water/ maybe internet system (if it works there). Also, details on sisters class.

  16. fearthedunya Says:

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

    My apologies for the late responses.

    Regarding the detailed questions about life in Damaaj, we are only able to provide information according to the research available and the helpful assistance of other Muslims.

    In order to best prepare for such a trip, insha’Allah, I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you sign up for the following Yahoo groups:


    There is also an abundance of information on Dammaj available at Brother Musa Millington’s Blog

  17. Umm Ayyub Says:

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,
    My husband and I both want to go with all of our hearts to this place where we both may perfect our din and raise our children away from kufr. I have a co wife and between us we have 8 children. We need to find a home for both of the wives and enroll my husband for study. I would like to save to buy my home to make it easy on my husband.

    What is the process of moving there? Where will my children be educated? Who can I speak with to help find our houses? and can I have my home built before we arrive?

    I know I have asked a lot, but I am preparing myself and my children not to have to come back to a place that will not respect our din. As a new Muslim, I think it is important for me to firmly establish my din for the sake of my growing family and for the pleasure of Allah. We need help through answers and guidance Insha Allah. I can’t wait to be there and for my children to be there among those who want to strive for their din. May Allah give us this opportunity and make it easy for us, and may my husband gain the knowlege he seeks, may my children grow up and stay believers and may my househould have a home in Jennah, amin.

    Fear The Dunya: Ameen to all your dua’s sister.
    May Allah reunite your family in Jannat-ul-Firdaus and grant you the istiqaamah you seek

    Insha’Allah, sign up for the e-groups mentioned in the comments above (muhaajir/hijrah to yemen) to find the answers to your questions.

  18. fearthedunya Says:

    Just a reminder, housing is said to cost b/w $5000 – $10,000.

    A sister was just telling me that recently a couple from the US purchased a spacious 5-bedroom house for $4000, masha’Allah.

    They bought it from another student who had been studying there for years. He charged them exactly what he paid for it masha’Allah.

    Wa’Allahu ‘Alam

  19. Assalamu alikum wa rahmattullah wara barakatahu.
    afwan i know that this is not to be used for this,but i want to know if a brother called Abdul Ghani britani nigera is well and is still there in the camp.
    jazakamullah khairan.

  20. fearthedunya Says:

    Wa Alaikum As-Salaam.

    My apologies sister. I don’t have any contacts currently in Damaaj that I could ask.

  21. Assalamu alikum wa rahmattullah wara barakatahu,
    jzk for this information it was a very intresting read, inshallah i have intentions of going there one day. May Allah make it easy for us all.

  22. mohammed ibrahim Says:

    assalamualaikum, i and my wife plan to go damaaj and study, once we save enough money. we are currently working in mozambique. is there any salafi brothers who can assist us on how to get there?

  23. abuismael's wife Says:

    As salamu alaikum,
    It has always been my dream to go to dammaj and be a student, i pray that Allah makes this easy upon my family, if any one has any info as far as houses or property that may be available please share this with us.
    Jazaakullahu Khayran

  24. Umm Musa Says:

    Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

    Jazakallahu khairun for such an informative post, masha Allah,may Allah make it possible for the rest of us to leave Dar ul Kufr and make Hijrah,insha Allah.

    I’d really appreciate a little more information, if you have a bit of time to answer me, insha Allah.

    My husband and I are seriously planning on leaving the West (together with our 3 little kids) by the beginning of 2009 insha Allah. As neither of us has been to Yemen before, and due to coming with the children, I need to have a better picture /idea of .. one finds suitable housing in Dammaj or alternatively, how do u go about building a house there (how long does it take/cost/what about u not having residency in Yemen)

    2.Is Dammaj (or somewhere nearby)suitable for farming and are foreigners allowed to purchase a small piece of land for such purposes?

    3.I assume that all classes are in Arabic,what if your Arabic is very basic, would there be someone there to teach you? what about the children?

    4.Are there any families who have settled there with small children? are there any schools for children or would you know of some sister who perhaps offers home-schooling in English ?

    5.Do people there have internet access and how much does it cost?

    6.How and what type of visa does a family get for Yemen/Dammaj?

    7.Last but not least – I’ve recently read that foreigners are no longer allowed to travel to Dammaj-is that true and if so,how does one get there anyway?

    Are there any sisters currently living there (who speak English) that you could possibly put me in touch with or any brothers perhaps that my husband could phone or email- just to speak in further detail about a few things,insha Allah ?

    Jazakallahu khairun
    Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu,

    your sister in Islam.

  25. Khadijah Mujaahida Says:

    As Salaamu ‘Alaikum. I have intentions on moving to Dammaj and would like to send my 16yr old son there first, Insha Allah. He was supposed to leave with some brothers in the past but it didn’t go through. Can you please give me some contact info on how I can get him there and purchase a house for our family as a whole for the future Insha Allah? Also I have heard that sheikhs come from Saudi (Medina particularly) to scout for students, is this true? May Allah SWT reward you with much good for this site, Amin.

  26. Idil A Abdi Says:

    Asalamualaykum warahmaatullaahi wabarakaatuh

    Alhamdulilaah, my best friend left to Dammaj just 2 days ago and I can hardl wait when Allah gives me the chance to go, inshallah. From what i’ve been told by sisters who came back from, Dammaj is blessed placed that should be relocated to. For those who grew up in developed, “western” countries, it is a MAJOR difference in daily living. But this is what makes Dammaj so exciting and beautiful. It is this simple life that my heart and I truly seek and leaving it all behind will come easy.
    Dammaj fi sabbillaah
    “Allahumma aatinaa fidunnyaa hassantanw wafil akhiratii hassanatan wa qina athabn Naar”
    “Rabbi Zidne ilma”

  27. Abu Yusuf Ameriki Says:

    Asalaaamu alaykum
    One thing to remember when coming to Dammaj is if one has a family, i recommend checking the place out first and making sure the living conditions are set for the family to come (e.g. the house is built when the family arrives or the house is bought), also brothers with pregnant wives, i recommend having the baby first then going.
    Dammaj is a Yemeni village life, be prepared and concentrate on your niyaa and your tawakul-al-ALLAH for your Talib-ul-ilm. The little things in the dunya wont bother you then.

    Anyone who wants to be a muhajir should really study and know all the rules for a muhajir. The conditions of visas, temporary residence, Country’s requirements, and other issues sometimes makes being a muhajir hard nowdays. What is recommended is that one be a talib ul ilm. You never the cirumstances of muhajir.
    Sometimes brothers are forced to leave, not by choice, and then they return to bilad un kuffar and everyday (after three days) they are present in bilad un kuffar after the niyaa of muahjir away from it, they are in sin.

    It is good if one visits the place first, and then sees for him or herself, the life and then prepares for muhajir or prepares for his family to come.

    May ALLAH protect this beautiful Valley of knowledge, and our Noble Shaykh Abu Abdur Rahman Yahya bin Ali Al Hajooree, may ALLAH preserve and protect him.

    Asalaamu alaykum

  28. Assalaam alaikum brothers . MashaAllaah the treatise of the brother explainign dhammaj is extremely nice . i want to know whether is it possible to go their without geetinh in hands of police . is there any abstacles like that with the government. JazakaAllaah khair

  29. Asalaamu alaykum, Insh-Allah can you please tell me how easy it is for non-Yemeni or a young couple from the UK to be accepted into Damaaj. I would like nothing more Insh-Allah to study there so if you can get back to me as soon as possible it will be very much appreciated. May Allah (SWT) grant you as part of the pious people and accept you into Jannaat.

    Asalaamu alaykum
    Fear the Dunya Editor:

    “The Conditions for Acceptance:

    It is required that the Muslim Student be a Sunni Muslim who us upon the Methodology of the Salaf (The Rightly-Guided Predecessors), there is no place for the people of blind-partisanship in this Daar, and the People of Innovation are observed.

    It is a requirement that the one who has a family come first by himself before bringing his family until his acceptance is announced and he is then able to find a home.

    There is no specific condition placed on a specific age for acceptance, or any picture or picture I.D. required, nor any specific degrees or qualifications.”

    For More Information: Click HERE

  30. Aassalamalaikom Wa Rahmatulllah,
    after browsing the internet and listening to audios of dammaj the visa part is still unclear to me. The yemeni consulate requres a accecptance letter for student visa, does dammaj give out any letters of accecptance. How long is the visa valid for? if someone wants to study for 5-10 yrs would the visa be valid that long?


  31. Aassalamalaikom Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

    i was wondering if anyone has info on the visa for Dammaj, the yemeni consulate requires a accecptance letter for student visas here in the u.s Does dammaj offer accecptance letters to get visa, also how long are the student visa valid for, how do the peopl wanting to study 5-10 yrs stay legally in dammaj. anyone planning on going contact me

    Fear the Dunya Editor:

    Brother, it’s the visa that comprises most of the difficulty that most foreigners have is getting into the camp, as Dammaaj does not offer them. Read the brother’s comment below for more info on visas.

    Why is it Hard to Get into Dammaaj?

  32. himmatalafghany Says:

    Asalamu alikum dear br Iam from afghanistan n i have my wife n 2 kids n most definitely I would like to study n bring the dawatu salafiya one more time to afghanistan inshallah. I do study here in brooklyn with shaikh abu deejna a student of shaikh maqbil.ra. n also we got shadeed muhammed a graduate student from madeenah university. please help me to see what are the requirement to come there with the family inshallah.
    Fear the Dunya Editor:

    “The Conditions for Acceptance:

    It is required that the Muslim Student be a Sunni Muslim who us upon the Methodology of the Salaf (The Rightly-Guided Predecessors), there is no place for the people of blind-partisanship in this Daar, and the People of Innovation are observed.

    It is a requirement that the one who has a family come first by himself before bringing his family until his acceptance is announced and he is then able to find a home.

    There is no specific condition placed on a specific age for acceptance, or any picture or picture I.D. required, nor any specific degrees or qualifications.”

    For More Information: Click HERE

  33. umm abdoul karim Says:

    assalamu alaikum, jazak Allahu khair for this beneficial website. I have a few questions if you are able to answer please let me know inshaAllah ta’ala. I am considering coming to Dammaj with my son at this time he will be 11 years old, I cannot tell you if he will be in the state of puberty at this time or not cuz this is a few months away from now, but he is extremely mature for his age, and takes well care of me to the best of his ability. I would like to know first wud I be accepted to come in with him and if so how? Also if I come I would like to live in the best living standards as possible inshaAllah meaning housing wise, so I would like to know if I rent what would be the cost of a ‘modern’ above average style house monthly (complete small house) or an apartment (at least 2 bedroom) and also how much would it cost me to buy a house with including everything that I would need inside like furniture and everything?
    jazak Allahu khair


    Fear the Dunya Editor:
    Wa Alaikum As-Salaam Wa Rahmatullah,

    Sister, I can’t promise an accurate response to your question, but I can respond with what little I know.
    I know of a sister who recently returned from Dammaaj with her 12yr old son. She stayed with him in the camp, but she was dropped of at the camp by her brother.

    She did inform me however, that there were a group of single muhaajir sisters who had come to Damaaj without mahram, and were staying in the masjid, following a strict set of rules set by the management (which strongly encouraged them to get married. As for housing, see the following article:

    Housing in Dammaaj

    Wa’Allahu Ta’ala ‘Alam

  34. Abu Dihyah Shafiq Al Mauritiusiy Says:

    Assalaamu’alaikum wa rahmatullaahi Wa barakaatuh.
    I am a Mauritanian studying in Dammaaj with my family, my wife and two children. but now we am in Mauritius from 01 Nov and insha Allaah we will get back soon. We were in San’a for 10 months, at Masjid Shaqain, studying with Ma’had Al-Madina, the best way I know to have your visa. And we stayed 1 year in Dammaaj. What I can say it is one of the best place for the one who love Deen Al Islaam. But eventually there may be some things there which some brothers may find hard. But bear in mind Akhee that there is a price to pay for good things. Also what is important is the Deen not the dounya.

    Concerning the visa for Dammaaj, what I know that non-Yemeni are not allowed to go there officially, that’s why we pay huge money to go there. You can pass through San’a first, Allaahu A’lam. May Allaah make it easy for all of us. Ameen. BaarakAllaahu fiikum
    Fear The Dunya Editor: Emphasis added

  35. umm nadiyah Says:

    Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu,

    Masha’Allah it’s so good to see that a lot of people are trying to get to Dammaaj. I have been to Dammaaj and maybe able to answer some of your questions. I also have some contacts and willing to give u their numbers if they agree. Masha’Allah, I loved it there. I came back at the end of 2005 but still have friends and family there who keep me updated.

    When I was there, there was no hot water/boiler! We had to heat up our water, but everything else is fine. You can get a generator and have your electricity for the washing machine. Also, my friend who recently went has hot water Mash’Allah and it’s improving by the day masha’Allah. It’s all about the money to be honest; you can make your home how you want if you have the money. You can also get internet there and phone line.

    I bought a house for $5000 and it was just a mud house. To put in water pipes, kitchen, 1 English toilet and 1 Yemeni, tiles and concrete my house it only took $2000. I met lovely sisters from the UK and I also met one of Sheikh Muqbil’s students, Shahida. Mash’Allah, she taught me in English for the first few months but I eventually got used to the Arabic lessons because I made friends with Umm Salamah’s (Sh. Muqbil’s wife) sisters. They loved English sisters and made me feel welcome. There are plenty of English sisters there, so you don’t need to know Arabic to go learn; they can teach you.

    There are no shops for sisters. Everything has to be bought by your mahram.You cannot go out on your own after Maghrib unless you are with your mahram. You have to wear the full veil. Yes, you have to cover your eyes and it’s real hot there. It took me ages to get used to it and I was 3 months pregnant then.

    We got our visas from London saying we were visiting family. We got an address from one of my hubbies friends because the police at the San’a airport ask, ‘Where are you staying ?’, you shouldn’t say you’re going to Dammaaj say you’re visiting because most of them hate Dammaaj!

    We got a hotel close to the masjid where the bus to Dammaaj leaves from in Shumayla. A lot of people go to Masjid Sharqain the bus also goes there but its 1st stop is at shumalah ad its good to get ur space 1st ad ur stuff on 2st b4 they refuse. The journey is a long and hot, it’s a 6 hour-long bumpy ride and the driver may be stopped, but its routine.

    My advice to is make sure you have a house before you go and that you have contacts, preferably people waiting at the airport. Alhamdulillah, I had my uncle from Dammaaj and three other men there, so they let us go thinking we were visiting them.

    If you really want to go, then don’t let pregnancy put you off. If I can have a child there, then everyone can. Even though I had to travel to Sa’dah, alhamdulillah I had contacts there too, because I didn’t give birth for another two days and at that time there was a curfew in Dammaaj (no cars leaving after Maghrib and not before Fajr) but that was over a long time ago.

    I’m gonna tell you the truth: it took me a good few months to get used to Dammaaj, but I love it and would advice anyone who has the chance to go and study. When you get all your lessons sorted out, you’ll be too busy to notice what is missing and what you need.

    The most beautiful thing I loved was Eid. The whole of Dammaaj went to a field and prayed on the sand behind the men and then Sheikh Yahya gave us a beautiful sermon. It’s worth leaving all your worldly possessions.

    I came back due to an illness, which I had when I was in the UK (not from Dammaaj, so don’t panic). A lot of people I know are back in the UK and its hard to get back to Yemen financially.

    Insha’Allah, I’m hoping in a years time, that I would have finished my course and gone for good couple of years. Then, if I run out money, we can get a job in San’aa instead of coming back to the UK.

    The housing has a fixed price but I would advise that you get a house in the maktabah. That’s the area of the masjid (nice and local) You don’t need to leave your house for lectures, you can hear it all on the microphone. There are 3 lessons over the microphone with Sh. Yahya.

    May Allah make it easy for u all. AMEEN and please keep me in your dua’s. I’m desperate to get back.

    P.S I forgot, expect a few creepy crawlies.

    If you need any questions answered I’d be happy to help, Insha’Allah if I’m able

    • umm nadiyah Says:

      asalam alaykum wa rahamtulahi wa baraktu, i justed wanted to say i wrote this post a few years back and from what im hearing damaaj has changed alot from when i was there. im still getting emails asking for info but im sorry most of my contacts has moved on to other muslim countries or i havnt got their contact details. as it was 7 years ago i cant provide you with recent or relevent info that can help you wa alahu alum, housing has changed, getting in has changed….. so please forgive me but dont email asking me questions about travelling to damaaj or its situation because i may only know what you know. barakallahu feek i pray allah makes it easy for all of u that intened to travel anywhere for ilm ameen. life then and life there now is easier so dont fear and put your trust in allah.

  36. Hanah Amatullah Says:

    Asalaamu alaykum.

    I would like to know how they know you are a salafi when you are in damaaj? Is it questions you are asked if so what sort of questions etc?

    Pls reply soon insha’Allah. Jazak’Allahu khayran.

  37. umm nadiyah Says:

    Assalamu Alaykum, this is for the sis that wants to teach in Dammaj: No, there’s not a place you can teach there. The only teaching is all about the deen, but to be honest, if you can get Sh. Yahya to agree with you to teach the younger kids at your home for a small fee (because remember everyone there is studying, not working) maybe the basic English, science and math, then you can live on that.

    But my friend who is in San’aa at the moment said its easy to get a job there in schools. That’s what I plan to do insha’Allah. Whenever, I run out of money I would travel there and save and then return insha’Allah because I don’t want to be in the same situation I am in now. Its taking me ages to leave the UK and I’m still no where near. Insha’Allah 1 yrs time.

    So plz make dua for me. And I pray that Allah makes it all easy for us all. AMEEN

  38. umm nadiyah Says:

    Assalamu Alaykum Everyone,
    Inshallah, I pray your plans are going well for everyone inshallah!

    I have had some news from Dammaaj that now the Sheikh expects a reference from someone who knows [incoming students]. I don’t know why exactly but it has only changed recently, Subhanallah, but the Sheikh is not harsh so don’t be put off be that inshallah.


    If he sees you are serious about studying, then he won’t stop you but also you can’t stay without a mahram anymore; they have to stay with you the whole time you are there, whereas before you could stay in the sisters place which is in the Masjid where Umm Salamah used to live. Mashallah, she got married!

    I’m not sure if this rule has changed, but the Sheikh would allow muhaajir women to come and stay but after a while they would have to marry inshallah and he would take the responsibility of that gal and become her walee when her mahram had left.

    If you’re [part of] a couple, I would say if you’re staying for a long time and you have kids then the best thing for you to do is buy or build a house and if you’ve never been there before, then the husband should go and check it out 1st. If he likes it, then sort out the house and then bring his family when they are ready inshallah.

    Another thing before, I forget do not get a student visa because we are not suppose to be in Dammaaj, if we’re British or American and if you get caught traveling there (very rare) but you will get sent back. The best option is visiting family and get an address before you leave so they know where you going inshallah.

    Just make a lot of du’a and don’t let anything put you off inshallah if you really want to go then do tawwakul 3alullah!

    Once you get there, everything is easy inshallah and even if your visa runs out, they know how long you’ve been in the country, so you just pay like 200 riyal per day which is nothing, I think its a £1 or less a day. There is always a way, so please people don’t panic about the small things.


    As long as you’re in Dammaaj, everything should be fine inshallah and the government doesn’t enter Dammaaj and all the fighting you hear about Dammaaj… its nothing to do with Dammaaj. Its the government and the Shia’s. I think 2 they entered Dammaaj and no1 got killed because it was all in the mountains, but one brother who I knew did get killed, and Allahu 3alum what happened but only the Dammaaji huraas was suppose to be there but Qadr’Allah he was there and his time went, the students alhamdullilah are protected by Allah and the huraas there.

    Alhamdulilah, Sheikh Muqbil (rahimahullah) had a connection with the president and now Sheikh Yahya does as well so Dammaaj is secured inshallah, even though the Shia’s would love for it to be closed down. Alhamdullilah, Allah is protecting us.

    If you’re worried about finance then before you leave save extra and do something that you can profit from, like setting up a shop, buying a bus or 16-seater bus, building a little house for you to rent out and live on its profits, bear in mind the students get money to leave o if they are really broke but also I know a lot of ppl that get sent money from family you can live in anything

    Over there everything is cheap and the food is real cheap. A family can live on $100 maybe less if they budget themselves and a single person an live on $20 a month, don’t let the money put you off.


    I didn’t plan on having my baby there but alhamdullilah I did and I had everything I needed. I even brought a cot and I didn’t use it, so I gave it away. But if you do have baby, there are shops there in Dammaaj that sell little baby stuff and women that are open to women, if you look.

    I’m sure you’ll find everything you need there. If not, San’aa is only 6 hrs away and you can send for anything you want with the drivers and get it the next day, so just make du’a inshallah and don’t for get me everyone keeps talking bout how hard it is, ITS NOT just have patience if your saving and tawakul3aullah.

    Remember every living thing will be making du’a for u the whole time your seeking ‘ilm. A little advice brothers and sisters, you start here with your ilm. Don’t depend on the thinking that ‘if I’m in a Muslim country, I’ll do better, I’ll study there, I have no time here, <– that’s what a lot of people think and those are the people that struggle, so wage war against your nafs and starting your love for the deen now for you never know when your time will be up, read only if its just half a page of a book or an ayah a day, anything that will get you reward.

    I must end there inshallah plz continue making du’a for us all who are trying to get there. And please, once again don’t forget me for I am very desperate to get back, inshallah.


    Fear the Dunya Editor:

    May Allah reward you for the valuable naseeha and make easy for you the path of knowledge, which, if trodden with sincerity, surely leads to Paradise.

  39. umm nadiyah Says:

    Before I forget, you don’t have to have family there, just make it look like you do, because then there wont have 2nd doubt and they’ll let you in especially if you’ve got an address. That’s a bonus!

    But be patient, my brother in-law got sent back when he went there for the 1st time and now he’s there with all his family studying, and he doesn’t want to come back (who can blame him). DONT GIVE UP!

    (little misprint in my last post, I said do not for get me, I meant do not forget to make du’a, sorry)

    May Allah make it easy for us and bless us with beneficial ilm,AMEEN


    just been notified that single sisters are allowed to stay in damaaj as long as the shiekh thinks that you are someone who loves her deen and that you dont want to go back to baldul kufur then he will let you stay as long as you come with a mahram first and then your mahram sorts out a family for you to stay with and then on that basis instead of sending you back to the land of kufur you will be able to stay in damaaj insha’allah. subhan’allah the amazing thing about damaaj is that people truly love each other for the sake of allah and they will try there best to help as much as able. and may allah preserve shiekh yahaa, the shiekh has so much mercy and love for his students and he is very understanding and the shiekh is on the opinion that everyone should make hijrah from the baladul kufur so if your sincear in staying in damaaj and seeking knowldge then insha’allah you wont be prevented.

  41. Bint Abdul-Rahmaan Says:

    Asalaamu alaykum,

    Sister umm nadiya my Allah bless u 4 the info u provided.I hope Allah makes it easy 4 u to go safely n soon AMEEN! I’m worried about all the time we have there are we learning constantly?!!! Obviously thats the reason we want go ofcourse and I want to move away form dar-ul-kufr a.s.a.p. but what I mean is when u want to wind down or ‘chill out’ what do sisters do. If we cant leave the house after maghrib and u live with ur mahram and he is out, what r u doin to occupy ur self other than learning? Is that all we r doin (I love learning about the deen, dnt get me wrong), but there are times were u want to relax etc. Do sister’s have halaqa?? I want to be able to benefit from moving there soon InshaAllah but I dnt want to end up hating it because I so desperately want 2 go! It must be hard aswell without having any family there or friends/ppl u kno.

    Jazak’Allahu khayran!

  42. abdul hafidh Says:

    i was in dammaj 4 only two months bt alhamdulillah that was the best place ive been in my bwhole life,wat i learned in two months was more than wat ive learned my whole life,i advice anyone whos reading this,if u want ilm(knowlge)go to dammaj,if u wona diffrenciate haq from bathil dammaj is the right place n if u wona b closer to Allah then GO TO DAMMAJ.

  43. umm nadiyah Says:

    asalam alaykum sister, bit . yes i see what you mean ukhti, u wont lack friends there inshallah for sure mashallah they are so freindly even if they dont know english they’ll communicate with you some how! but serious you’ll be so busy loving the studies trying to get on their level trying ur best to learn the language to speak to them that you wont iss it as much as you think the more u stay there the more u dnt want to leave obviously you’ll miss ur fam but inshallah they can visit alot of the ppl do that. whe you get to know the sisters you can learn with them and go to their houses and studying and chill with them thats not a prob! i remember one time it was eid and all the english speaking sisters where at a eid party and we were having fun playing lil games and enjoying ourselves, 1 thing that surprised me was they were playing nasheeds on eid day i was shocked coz i was told it wasnt allowed and the house i walked into belonged to sh mukbill (rahimahullah) and his late wife umm salama was listening to it while her sisters were dancing to it and we asked and thats wen we found it the ruling about it( its a childrens nasheed) men singing are not allowed so dont get confused and it cant have instruments in there obviously. also at weddings they would be dancing to nasheeds aswell mashallah. but the story sister i dont think u would get bored inshallah maybe the 1st couple of weeks while ur getting use to the place but thats the hardest so be patient inshallah.

  44. umm nadiyah Says:

    sorry i meant to say LATE sheikh mukbill RAHIMULLAH, his wife is still alive alhamdulilah

  45. asalamualaykum wa rahmatullah
    i still im not clear on the visa process. what if you do not have family in yemen?. and with the issue about single sisters, im trying at the moment for my brother to come with me but it is quite a struggle. if inshallah he were able to come with me then is there just like two rooms wthin the masjid we could rent inshallah? or is that only for the brothers. jzk salam.

  46. Abu AbdurRahmaan Ali as Sumaali Says:

    Asalamu 3alaykum wara7matulaahi wabarakatuh

    i wanted to know if there is a student of knowledge in dammaj from australia so i could talk to him about travel issues. if there is please have him contact me as soon as possible. my mail is

    baraka Allahu feekum

    Fii AmaanilLaah

  47. bint abudrrahman Says:

    Jazak’Allahu Khayr sister for that!

  48. umm nadiyah Says:

    asalam alaykum ukhti amina, it shouldn be a prob to rent wotth your brother but you woudnt have a room in the masjid. inshallah you would have to rent a house because the rooms are for SINGLE brothers only. and he would have to stay with you. inshallah i have some news but im waiting for confirmation 1st b4 i say it inshallah because it could be geel wa gal! but as far as i know you would be able to find a place for u and ur bro to rent inshallah, but if he isnt staying with you, you would have to talk to the shiekh and ask him if you could stay (which is more than likely a yes, allahu alum) with conditons. im sorry if your waiting for news from me but my friend just got bk recentky and i cant get hold of her inshallah i havnt forgot you please be patient. “verily allah is with the pattient ones”
    wa salam

  49. Peace be with you all,

    There’s a lot of talk about single brothers and sisters and the issues of mahram etc. MY question to the people who have been to Yemen to study is :

    Is it an issue to maybe get married there inshallah?

    J.k Khair

  50. Abu AbdurRahmaan Ali As Sumaali Says:

    Asalamu 3alaykum wara7matulaahi wabarakatuh.

    ukhti Umm Naadiyah. jizaka Allahu khairan for the information. i have one question is you and your husband wen there.

    lets say i say to them i am a tourist or am here for a family visit, do i have to have a return ticket for me to get the visa or not. insha Allah i’ll be waiting for the reply baraka Allahu feeki may Allah reward all the brothers and sisters with the right intention. aameen

    wasalamu 3alaykum

  51. Abu AbdurRahmaan Ali As Sumaali Says:

    correcting the Errors i made.

    ukhti Umm Naadiyah. jizaka Allahu khairan for the information. i have one question for you and your husband since you went there.

  52. jazak allah khairan akhi

    i want to go to dammaj in shaa allah akhi

    but i dont have money and i want to marry too

    and i want to know about iqama and such so how can i contact with u akhi ?
    if u have msn messenger its good .

  53. for anyone who needs information about damaj, residence permission, etc.

  54. Abu Musa As Salafy Al Makassary Says:


  55. um nadiyah Says:

    [SWD] The Scholars’ Defense of Dar-ul-Hadith, Dammaaj and their defense of Shaikh Yahya‏
    From: on behalf of South Wales Dawah (
    Sent: 06 April 2009 22:16:31
    To: southwalesdawah (

    Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000168 EndHTML:0000036808 StartFragment:0000000562 EndFragment:0000036791

    The Scholars’ Defense of

    Dar-ul-Hadith, Dammaaj

    (may Allah Protect it)






    and their defense of Shaikh Yahya, the Sincere Advisor and successor to Imam Al Wadi’ee (may Allah have Mercy on him)

    In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, Ever Merciful to His believing slaves

    All Praise be to Allah the Lord of Mankind; and glad tidings are for the pious and there is no enmity except towards the oppressors. May the peace and blessings (of Allah) be upon His noble messenger and upon his family and companions.

    To Proceed:

    At a time when insults have increased against Dar-ul-hadith Dammaaj and against the successor to Imam Al Wadi’ee (rahimahullah), our shaikh the Allaamah, the Muhaddith Abi Abdir-Rahman Yahya ibn Ali Al Hajooree (may Allah protect and honour him), we wanted to gift our brothers from Ahlus-Sunnah As-salafiyoon these recommendations (praises) from some of the lamps (scholars of guidance) of Ahlus-Sunnah which are a refutation of those who heap insults from amongst the hizbiyeen and their defenders. And (by their insults) these liars are not only disparaging Dar-ul-hadith, Dammaaj and Shaikh Yahya but are also disparaging these scholars, insulting them and their integrity. And with these insults they hit a wall and say, “We are with the scholars”. But this statement is from a door of throwing sand on ones eyes so beware!

    Firstly : The speech of Imam Muqbil ibn Haadee Al Wad’iee (Rahimahullah), the most knowledgeable person about his righteous student:

    Shaikh Muqbil said in his introduction to Shaikh Yahya’s book “Rectification of the Masses”: I have looked through what the honourable Shaikh Yahya ibn Ali Al Hajooree has written on Bayhani’s book “Rectification of the Masses” and found that Shaikh Yahya hafidhahullah has exerted great effort, for which he should be thanked, in the extraction of ahadith and the checking of words and meanings (used by the author). He has also made some important notifications on some errors that occured from the author rahimahullah. It (the book) has thereby become an authority in the (science of) hadith extraction and it is important for the student of knowledge to benefit from the book if not for anything else but this.

    Then the Shaikh said: And the brother, Shaikh Yahya ibn Ali Al Hajooree by the Grace of Allah has become an authority in the field of teaching and giving fataawa. I ask Allah to reward him with goodness and to bless his knowledge, wealth and children. Verily He (Allah) is Noble and Gracious.

    And he (rahimahullah) said in the introduction to Shaikh Yahya’s book “The Rulings of Jum’uah and Innovations (associated with it)”: I have looked through the book on Jum’uah that Shaikh Yahya ibn Ali Al Hajooree has written and I found it to be a great book; in it are benefits which are worthy of a journey. And Shaikh Yahya (hafidhahullah) is extremely investigative (in his research) and is known for his piety, ascetism, wara’, fear of Allah and is a speaker of the truth who does not fear, in the path of Allah, the blame of the blamers. He (hafidhahullah) takes my place in the teaching of lessons in Dar ul Hadith, Dammaaj which he teaches in the best possible manner…

    And then the Shaikh said: May Allah reward our brother Shaikh Yahya with goodness. Glad tidings to him for what Allah has blessed him with in terms of patience in research and selection of hadith and fiqh related benefits for it is (indeed) a (profound) book of hadith and rulings…

    And the Shaikh said in the introduction to Shaikh Yahya’s book “The Traverser’s light in the Rulings and Etiquette of travelers”: To Proceed: A portion of the study on travel was read to me (written by) our brother, the honourable Shaikh, the pious, ascetic Muhaddith and scholar of Jurisprudence Abi Abd-Rahman Yahya ibn Ali Al Hajooree. I found it to be a beneficial study with benefits which are worthy of a journey (to attain them). It contains hadith benefits in the science of ‘Appraising and Disparaging’ (Jarh wa Tadeel) and the authentication and weakening of hadith. It also comprises fiqh benefits in terms of extraction of rulings, (comparison of) contrary explanations and general clarifications which are aplenty likewise in his other writings. I hope that Allah benefits Islam and the Muslims by this book and his other books. And the brother, Shaikh Yahya is that beloved person to me and to his brothers from what they see of him in terms of sound aqeedah, love for the sunnah and his hatred of (that) despicable hizbiyyah. He also benefits his brothers with fatwaawa that is based upon evidence. I ask Allah to protect him from every evil and disliked thing and to give us and him refuge from every trial in life and in death.

    The Shaikh said in the introduction to Shaikh Yahya’s book “The light of the rising sun in the refutation of the misguidances of Abdul Majeed Az-Zindaani in his book ‘The Oneness of the Creator'”: I have looked through the essence of the book of our honourable brother Shaikh Yahya ibn Ali Al Hajooree (hafidhahullah) and found that he has given it its right and benefitted (the reader) in his refutation of Abdul Majeed Az-Zindaani. May Allah bless and reward him for a research full of beneficial footnotes in Aqeedah, Fiqh, hadith and Tafseer. And our Lord spoke the truth when he said, “O You who believe! If you fear Allah he will give you a criterion (to distinguish between truth and falsehood) and will expel your sins from you and forgive you. Allah is the owner of Great Bounties.” [Al Anfal:29]. Allah has opened (great bounties) to Shaikh Yahya because of his holding fast to the book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger (sal Allahu alaiyhi wa sallam).

    Shaikh Muqbil also said in the introduction to Shaikh Yahya’s book “The Rulings of Tayammum”: I have looked through what the honourable Shaikh Yahya ibn Ali Al Hajooree hafidhahullah has written on the subject of Tayammum and found it to be a beneficial study with benefits which are worthy of a journey (to attain them) in terms of speech on the hadith and the narrators in the chain. (In addition) his extraction of fiqh issues is an evidence of his deep oceanic knowledge in the science of hadith and fiqh; and I would not be exagerrating if I said that his work in this exceeds the work of Hafidh ibn Hajr in “Fath Al Baari” under this chapter in terms of expounding the condition and placing of the hadith as well as the rank of the hadith. By this I do not mean to say that the honourable brother Shaikh Yahya is more knowledgeable than Hafidh ibn Hajr in the science of hadith, but the brother Yahya has perfected what he has written in this blessed explanation of “Sharh Muntaqa” of ibn Al Jaarood. And the blessing is from Allah so May Allah reward all of them with goodness.

    And the Shaikh said in his autobiography: (He is) from the memorizers of the book of Allah and I have listened to some of his lessons which demonstrate his ability to benefit (the students) and he is strong in Tawheed.

    And the Shaikh said towards the end of his life as has been narrated by Abdullah ibn Mathir: The Shaikh was on his sick bed when the brother Abdullah asked him, “O Shaikh, to whom should the brothers in Yemen return their affairs to? And who is the most knowedgeable person in Yemen?”

    The Shaikh kept silent for a few moments and then said, “Shaikh Yahya”.

    The brother Abdullah ibn Mathir said, “This is what I heard from the Shaikh and this does not mean that we belittle the rest of the scholars of Yemen for we honour and love them for the sake of Allah…”

    Secondly: The honourable Shaikh and former Mufti of Jeezan Ahmed ibn Yahya An Najmi (rahimahullah):

    The shaikh said in the introduction to Shaikh Yahya’s book “The light of the rising sun in the refutation of the misguidances of Abdul Majeed Az-Zindaani”: And Shaikh Yahya Al Hajooree, may Allah reward him, has refuted him (Zindaani), in these points and other than them with a comprehensive refutation which contains irrefutable proofs from the book of Allah and the authentic Sunnah. So may Allah reward him (Shaikh Yahya) with good, bless him and increase those like him from amongst the defenders of the truth, victors of Tawheed and its advocates.

    Thirdly: The Great scholar and flag bearer of the science of Jarh wa Tadeel, Shaikh Rabee ibn Haadee al Madhkhali (hafidhahullah):

    On the 23rd of Ramadan 1424, the following question was asked to Shaikh Rabee:

    “What is your opinion about going to study in Dar-ul-hadith, Dammaaj in Yemen with the knowledge that I am a beginning student of knowledge?”

    And the Answer of the Shaikh was: “Yes, it is necessary to strive to journey to this stronghold from the strongholds of Islam. And it (dammaaj) is a Minaret from amongst the minarets of Islam. Yes, strive to journey to it, and seek knowledge from it and you will find Inshallah great goodness. And in it (dammaaj) is found the Sunnah and guidance; and in it is found the following of the Prophet Sal Allahu alaiyhi wa sallam. And I swear by Allah that we strongly encourage studying in that place which is a stronghold of the sunnah and from its minarets. And in it Inshallah there are men from the people of the Sunnah, guidance and knowledge. We ask Allah to keep them firm upon the Sunnah and benefit us by them and to make them from amongst the flag bearers of the Sunnah in this time of ours in which innovation has greatly increased (accumulated) and fitnah has become widespread and with Allah we seek refuge. And All praise is due to Allah, whosoever wants goodness, whosoever wants guidance and whosoever wants to be far away from fitan (trials and afflictions), then it is upon him to go to the strongholds of the sunnah. And all praise be to Allah, they (the strongholds) are widely spread amongst many countries but particularly this stronghold has a clear distinction and all Praise is due to Allah. And give glad tidings to one who travels to it, that he will get guidance from it and he will guide with what he (learns) from it from the sunnah and goodness.

    – taken from the brother Abu Abdillah Al Madani Khalid Ad-Dhufayri

    And the Shaikh said in his “Advice to the people of Yemen”: The people of dammaaj are noble and respectable and they are Ahlus-Sunnah.

    And he said: Shaikh Yahya is from the best of people and has filled a great gap.

    And also said: Your brother Shaikh Yahya is from the most excellent of scholars; and they have characteristics that are not found elsewhere in this world. They teach not for the sake of certificates, nor for the sake of money – meaning you find in the Emirates or Saudi Arabia one who gives islamic verdicts for twenty thousand or thirty thousand (salary) – but these (Shaikh Yahya) don’t receive money from the government nor from other than them but they teach and give lessons for the sake of Allah and to see his Face. Glorified be Allah, for this is a characteristic of yours (i.e. the people of Yemen) and your da’wah; so respect this blessing and guard it so that it remains strong, may Allah bless you.

    And he also said: How can I speak against an individual who is holding on to the da’wah salafiyyah in Yemen with a had of steel? (23rd Dhul Hijjah 1426)

    And our noble brother Abu Abdir Rahman Abdullah ibn Amaad (from Jeddah) narrated that the brother Abul Fida As-sudaani said: We met our Shaikh the Muhaddith Al-Allaamah Rabee ibn Haadee al Madhkhali hafidhahullah on the first day of Eid ul Fitr of the year 1429 and we asked him about the one who warns against Dammaaj.

    The Shaikh said: That is a person of desires.

    And our brother Ayman Ash-Shawaafi Al Adani narrated the following to us and it is what occured between him and Shaikh Rabee in the month of Ramadan 1429:

    All Praise is due to Allah and may the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family and his companions.

    To Proceed: I went to visit Al Allaamah Shaikh Rabee ibn Haadee al Madhkhali on the 5th of Ramadan 1429 at his house. It was on Friday after Asr before the Shaikh would descend to give his weekly lesson; I found an Algerian brother who was bigotted to Abdur Rahman Al Adanee and who used to be in Dammaaj. We started a heated and long argument, which lasted around an hour, regarding the fitnah in Yemen . From amongst the things that the Algerian said was that Shaikh Rabee does not advise studying in Dammaaj. So this prompted me to ask Shaikh Rabee hafidhahullah myself (about this statement). The Shaikh came down to give a beneficial lesson in tafseer at around 9 o’ clock (Arabic time which is the equivalent of about 5pm). When the mu’adhin called the adhaan, the Shaikh invited us to break our fast with him. I (took the opportunity) to give him salaam and asked him, “O Shaikh, do you advise studying in Dammaaj these days?”

    The Shaikh looked at me with anger and said, “Is it not an insult for you to ask this question? Isn’t it an insult to ask such a question??? Don’t you have any question other than this? How can I not advise studying in Dammaaj?!!”

    I said, “O Shaikh there has arisen a group of people in Yemen who insult Dammaaj and warn against studying there.”

    The Shaikh then waved his hand and said, “That’s WRONG! Warning against Dammaaj is Wrong! Don’t believe these people who warn against Dammaaj. Don’t believe them. But my advice to whomsoever Allah has blessed with this blessing and given him success to seek knowledge in Dammaaj, then it is better for him to be involved in seeking knowledge and not get involved in the fitnah.

    I said, “May Allah reward you with good O Shaikh.”

    Fourthly: The honourable ascetic and Shaikh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhaab al Banna (hafidhahullah)

    A questioner asked: Is it not as some of the people say that they (the students of Dammaaj) have changed and replaced (the good) after the death of Shaikh Muqbil?

    The Shaikh answered: By Allah I don’t know what to say. By Allah I don’t know what to say. I mean right now the best place if you want to learn the true salafiyyah with knowledge and action is Dammaaj; I swear by Allah. The penniless cheaters [‘al khawaan al muflisoon’ which is a play of words on “al ikhwan al muslimoon” – the muslim brotherhood] have entered Makkah and spoilt it, by Allah. So the one who wants to learn the correct salafiyyah with action (then it is) in Dammaaj.

    Then the shaikh said, “By Allah they are the best of people now.”

    (This was recorded a few months before Ramadan 1429 and the tape is available at Al Yaqadah Tape Shop in Sanaa)

    Fifthly: Shaikh Muhammad Al Imam (hafidhahullah)

    Question: It has appeared in these days, youth who speak against Markaz Dammaaj and insult it and say that it is a house of fitan (trials). So what is your advice to them?

    Answer: These are an evil people. These are an evil people and they are people of fitan. Dar-ul-hadith Dammaaj is considered the crown of Ahlus-Sunnah. It’s a crown for Ahlus-Sunnah in Yemen and other than Yemen. It’s considered an international university for Ahlus-Sunnah. (Yes) it’s considered an international university of Ahlus-Sunnah. Meaning that its considered greater than all the different universities in the world and (the various) “Islamic Universities” in different countries. And All Praise is due to Allah.

    Anyway, these people (who insult Dammaaj) are either being sent from a particular direction whose purpose is fitnah and insults; and it seems like that. So advise them. If they accept the advice fine, if not then it is known that they are people of trials and oppression. So no heed is paid to their statements nor are they to be listened to and I ask Allah to rectify them.

    Importantly, if they don’t accept this advice, then this speech is considered from misguidance and partisanship and what is there from rejecting the actual reality. Meaning, (even if this speech came) from someone considered to be from the mashaikh (it is rejected). So how can we accept this from some one insignificant? May Allah rectify us and them.

    And this was part of a reply to a question put forward by some of the brothers from Aden: No one insults Ash-Shaikh Al Allaamah Yahya Al Hajooree except an ignorant person or a person of desires.

    Whilst speaking about da’wah, one of the students said during the lesson, “O Shaikh, Shaikh Yahya does not go out for da’wah!” So Shaikh Al Imam replied: Wait (and see). Hajooree will be an Imaam!

    The Shaikh was asked about the tape “The clear speech in the clarification of the condition of the great liar Yahya ibn Ali Al Hajooree” so he said: O my brothers, with regard to the mentioned tape – the speaker is unknown and it is not permissible for us to accept the speech of unknown persons. And he also said: This unknown person opens a door for whosoever wants to cause disruption, fitnah and conflict… and if we were to take a look at the reasons for what occurred between the Sahaba from amongst fighting we would find that it was because of these unknown people who speak in the name of “chosen” people. And thus it is not permissible to accept the speech of unknown people at all. And this speech is never to be used as evidence either for us or against us. (The Shaikh said this in Shabaan 1429)

    Sixthly: Shaikh Abdul Azeez Al Bura’ee hafidhahullah:

    This was a question put forward by some of the brothers from Qusair to the Shaikh:

    As you know the greatest stronghold of the sunnah in Yemen is Markaz Dammaaj; but recently a lot of insults and rumours have started spreading about it in an indirect way i.e. insulting those who are heading it especially Shaikh Yahya Al Hajooree. Therefore we are asking you for a statement of truth regarding this Shaikh may Allah reward you with good.

    The Shaikh replied: A concise word has preceded in my reply to the previous question. And we are well aware of a fierce campaign against Markaz Dammaaj even though we know there is a campaign against all the Maraakiz but nothing compared to the ferocious campaign against Dammaaj. There isn’t found on the face of the earth the same manner against any other markaz as is found against Dammaaj. Whether it is from those trying to impose their command on the markaz or whether it is in the form of insulting the people running the markaz or in other different ways. (All these people) exert in disrupting the development of the markaz seeking to overthrow it. We know this; we know this may Allah bless you and we do not receive an opportunity to defend the markaz except that we exert ourselves in its defense. And we don’t find a single person who has something in himself against markaz Dammaaj except that we advise him and if that is not sufficient then we rebuke him. So if advice is insufficient we rebuke him; if the rebuke is not sufficient in private then we rebuke him in public and we don’t show him any courtesy. We consider speech against Dammaaj to be speech against all of us. We consider speech against Shaikh Yahya to be speech against all of us. We consider evil speech towards Markaz Dammaaj or towards Shaikh Yahya or towards the teachers and students in Markaz Dammaaj to be speech against all of us. This is our Markaz; this is our markaz and we are enobled by it and we guide the people to it. And we encourage them to seek knowledge there; we write for them recommendations whether they are single or married and we thank the Markaz and we thank Shaikh Yahya and others. This matter, may Allah bless you, we do it as a means of getting closer to Allah. We went to Dammaaj and gave our lectures there and whatever we have said has been recorded there. And the Mashaikh all of them together praise the Markaz. All of this, may Allah bless you, whosoever is warning people from Markaz Dammaaj either he knows what he is saying and is not taking into account the implications of his speech or he is a plotter (against dammaaj). Yes, a person who speaks against Dammaaj either is not taking into account the implications of his speech and does not realise its outcomes or he is a plotter…

    And the Shaikh also said: And Shaikh Yahya is a beauty spot on the face of Ahlus-Sunnah and is a crown on their heads.

    And he also said when it was spread on a hizbi website that “Shaikh Bur’ee declares Shaikh Yahya to be mistaken”: These people are fishing in murky waters… and he said: Shaikh Yahya is our brother and is beloved to us… by Allah if mountains were to gore us they wouldn’t be able to separate between us but we try and heal the rifts (between us)… And he also said: Who is the one who benefits from speech against Shaikh Yahya? Is it Ahlus-Sunnah? On the contrary, it’s the innovators who benefit from that.

    (This was said by the shaikh about 10 days prior to Ramadan 1429)

    Seventhly: Shaikh Abdullah Uthman Dhamari hafidhahullah:

    The Shaikh said: Whosoever speaks against Shaikh Yahya or his brothers from amongst the mashaikh, then suspect his Islam.

    Eightly: Shaikh Jameel As-Salwi hafidhahullah:

    The Shaikh said: The one who speaks against Shaikh Yahya is blameworthy. For Shaikh Yahya hafidhahullah speaks for the sake of Allah and for the sake of the religion of Allah. And one of us may feel cowardice in speaking about certain issues but Allah has given him (Shaikh Yahya) authority and chosen him for this. (He is an authority) in the field of teaching, authoring books and (is responsible for) resolving many problems.

    Ninthly: Shaikh Muhammad ibn Hizam Al Ba’daani hafidhahullah:

    With regards to the one who insults Shaikh Yahya, then he doen not harm anyone except himself. And insulting the scholars of Ahlus-Sunnah wa Al Jama’ah is a clear sign of the people of innovation. Its a sign of the people of innovation; and a sign of the people of misguidance is their insulting of the scholars as Abu Haatim Ar-Raazi and Qutaibah ibn Saeed rahimahumallah said: The sign of the people of innovation is their derogation of the people of narrations (hadith). And he said: And Shaikh Yahya is from those people whom we hope that Allah will raise them degrees in this fitnah (of Abdur Rahman Al Adanee) because he was patient, hoped for the reward from Allah and then strived – so Allah will raise him. And you will remember (these words). It will not be but a few days and you will see the raising of the rank of Shaikh Yahya hafidhahullah if Allah wills. And you will see those who insulted him or spoke against him or reviled him, if they are not rectified by Allah with a sincere repentance, you will find them astray from the path of seeking knowledge and perhaps they will become busy in their time and perhaps they will return to the (chasing of) worldly matters and will be looking for some kind of trouble or other than that from amongst the non-praiseworthy affairs and we seek refuge with Allah from that. And he said: They, meaning the scholars, see that whoever insults Shaikh Yahya then he (the insulter) is a person put to trial in his religion and it is obligatory to keep away from him. Whoever insults and warns (from Shaikh Yahya) the scholars are not pleased with such a person and advise with keeping away from him and are of the opinion that this is an astray and misguided person.

    (This was said in Shabaan 1429 when the brothers came to Dammaaj from a place known as Haami)

    All the audio recordings of the above statements can be found at Al Yaqadah Tape Shop in San’aa inshaAllah

    Collected by the brothers from http://WWW.ALOLOOM.NET

  56. um nadiyah Says:

    asalam alaykum
    sorry for my late reply. inshallah it shoudnt be a problem geting married there,infact i would say its better and easier inshallah. may allah help you and bless you with a pious wife AMEEN! abu abdurahman, its better to have a return ticket because they an see then that your planning on going back, if they see 1 way ticket you might raise their suspicions! 2 students of mukbill rahimhullah (not 100% sure of their names but they are shiekhs) recently got arrested at the sanaa airport even though they were yemenis, all because they were given dawah to another country and a brother from uk who was with them was sent back. subhanallah! alhamdulilah their were let free after a few days in jail! ihope the post i sent prvious will benefit you as there is RUMOURS about damaaj that are putting ppl off subhanallah!

  57. Umm Khalif Says:

    Salaamu Alaykum!!

    I have just come back from Damaaj and I thought i should share a my experiance with you.

    Firstly, Damaaj is Amazing.. Allahuma Barak!!

    Some people have mentioned issues with water and electricity and to be honest there are still issues with both of them.. There are only a number of people who have 24hr electricity.. even the masjid doesnt!! But its not as hard as you think and Inshallah you will look past that.

    As for housing..

    If you are a single brother then you can stay in the masjid or rent or buy a room in the mens section.

    If you are brother and sister.. Or a family with children then the best option is to rent a house but if you may be staying for a while it might be best to buy a house. Good houses range from $4000-$10000…

    Single sisters PLEASE READ.. Sisters whom are travelling without a muhram are not allowed in Damaaj. You are not able to rent a house nor are you allowed to stay with a family who are not your own. Places in Baitul Dawah(Sisters dooms) are full. Sisters who live in Baitul Dawa are ussually sisters who have been there for a while. bed spaces do not come available often enough and to be straight forward living in the masjid is extremely difficult. You are required to share a room with atleast 8 other sisters so u can imagine the is no privacy! Not only is there no privacy but you have strict guidelines to follow such as No leaving the masjid unless you have permission beforehand, no missing lessons ect.. May allah reward those sisters who live in baitul Dawa for having so much Sabr!!

    For all you sisters dat used to doing as the please when the please your in for a shock… Women can not go shopping, be heard speaking loadly outside or even indoors sometimes( We had a few brothers knock on our window and tell us to be quite) Women can not travel in a car without there muhram and under no circumstance women can not be outside without a Muhram after Maghrib.
    Oh and dont forget you have to be covered from head to to toe dont forget to cover your hands too!!

    As for brothers leave all your football shirts and all the rest at home!! All you need is Khamises and Macawiises oh and dont forget to get some scarfs and lil hats!!

    Make sure you take a lot of socks because its Sooooo dusty and take boots or Trainers(sneakers) with you coz its very bumpy over there!!

    Mosquito nets.. and Mosquito cream!!

    Lessons are so easy to find there is always something or other on!!
    If you dont speak arabic.. its not a problem.. You’ll find sisters or brothers to teach you!!

    Living expenses have slightly increased, but $50-100 for a single person and $200+ for a family.

    If you guys have anything else you’d like to know ask me Inshallah and i’ll do my best to answer!!

    May Allah make returning to Damaaj sahl for us and those of you who are first timers too.

    • AbouHammaam Says:

      As salamu alaykoum,

      What are the possibilities for one planning to stay for a long while, to get marries or going with his sister can she get married too?

      Barak allahu fiki,


  58. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

    insha’allah me and my husband would like to make Hijra in a couple of years and would like to move to Yemen possibly Dammaj or surroundings..We would like to know insha’allah if it is possible to buy a house and some land so we could leave off the land insha’allah. Also how’s life over there, meaning can a family survive just leaving off the land or someone must work?? How is it if we want to buy a house say for example in Dammaj? Is it possible to buy a house and the land together? and ruffly how much money a family must need to move there?

    Jazakallah Khair

  59. Mohammed Qutub Khan Says:

    Iam interested to come with my wife and children to damaaj, my sons are studying in darulhadith of makkah , i would like to spent some months with the scholars of damaaj, is there any problem if i bring my wife with me i mean way to damaaj?

    • Umm Suleim Says:

      As Salamu Alaikum Warmatullahi Warbaraktu..Inshallah just would like to answer your question on where or not you can take your wife..Of course you can Alhamdulilah they are many sisters there and lots of lessons go on in the message for sisters whether arabic speakers or not, Inshallah i hope this helped..May Allah Make it easier for you and your family

  60. […] Yemen – 1 Minute Ago I hope this helps inshaALLAH:…-damaaj-yemen/ inshaALLAH, someday I will go to Dammaj to study […]

  61. Sister Bahaa,

    Asalaam Aleikum,

    The best for you is to pray istikharH to the Almighty Allah and Inshallah may Allah bless you.

  62. Isiyaku Abdullahi Says:

    SAlam alaykum

    I am Nigerian and I also want go to dammaj please i need a contact adress wich i will use for visiting visa application and if there is any Nigerian there i need his contact like phone number viseversa my
    email is: may Allah rewards you all Amin.

  63. isiyaku abdullahi Says:

    salam alaykum
    i need an invitation letter wich i will use for visa applycation i am ready to to go now but with invitation letter from emen i will apply for visiting visa hope u will help.
    may Allah gran us jannatul firdausi amin

  64. sheriff Says:

    asalam alaykum
    could u kindly supply me with contacts(email and phone) of students from nigeria

  65. Abdul-Fattah Al-Hollandi Says:

    AsSalaamu 3alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuh,

    Could somebody give me information on how to go to Dammaaj insha’Allaah?

    I am a 15 (almost 16) years old Muslim (convert) from the Netherlands and I would really like to study at Dammaaj insha’Allaah. But I have a few questions and I would not know who to ask. Wa Allaahu a3lem.

    If a brother thinks he could answer my questions and if he wants to, then insha’Allaah mail me, my email adress is florianvdzee @

    Fi amaani Allaah,

    Abdul-Fattah Al-Hollandi

  66. Assalamu alaykum

    I was in Dammaj from around the beginning of 2008 and 2009. There’s a lot of things changed since this post. Yes, it’s true Dammaj is good place for seeking knowledge and making ibaadah. If you dont speak arabic, there are brothers and sisters who are willing to teach you for the sake of Allah.

    But because of fitna between people in dammaj and some others from ahlussunna and also shia fitan, I dont think it’s good time to go to Dammaj.


    If you still insist in going to Dammaj, dont forget your mosquito net, vitamins and extra cash…because if you are lucky you might be able to make it in a day or more. Aside from fitna between ahlussuna, it’s too dangerous right now.

    So I recommend Maibar (sheikh Muhammad Al-imam) 45 minutes from sanah, Ibb (shaikh abdulaziz Al-Buraee), Shihr (shaih Abdullah Al-Mariee), Fiyooush (shaikh Abdurrahman Al-Adanee), Zimar, Hudaida (shaikh Abdulwahhab alwassabi), Sanah (many masajid of ahlussunnah eg jamial-khair, jamia-sharqain) and shaikh Muhammad al-mani in sana.

    Abdo Adam
    Former Student of Dar-ul-hadith, Dammaj

  67. Huda Ahmed Says:

    As Salaamu Aleykum

    I am A Sister from united kingdom
    and wanted my father to take me to damaaj and i was wondering if he stayed with me for a bit untill i get settled would it be ok if he left me and i stayed where the other sisters stay, i really want to go Damaaj and study because i’ve realised life is too short soo Insha’allaah . i want to make the most of it by doing something kheyr in this dunyaa.
    Jazaakallaahu Khayran for taking the time to read this can you plese let me know Insha’Allaah.

  68. Umm Abdullah As Sumaliyah Says:

    Asalaamu alaykum brothers and sisters,

    My husband and i would like to come and study in damaaj, we were in cairo and now in europe for a bit, we want to come over to yemen to study inshAllaah. Is it possiable to come to dammaj and find a place to rent ?there and then? or must we prepare that in advance? are there apartment to choose from? I have some basic arabic, up untill mustawah 3. Can i continue studying Arabic in dammaj? or is sanaa better for that?

    BarakAllaahu feekum

  69. why not go to dammaaj? i think shaykh kawkabaani recommended to join the students there and that he said that the way to dammaaj is safe for the one who knows the way?

  70. as salamu alykum to salafi bro

  71. Barakalahoufeekoum

  72. As salamu aleykum i want to live in dammaj and study there and want to build a 2 bedroom home, does anyone know how much houses cost to build?

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